Pupil Voice

We are currently exploring ways to offer wider and more meaningful opportunities for pupil voice by creating a pupil parliament and reviewing our House system.

The pupil parliament met on Wednesday 30 September 2015 and discussed pupil-raised issues about the playground – bikes and scooters, equipment, safety, respecting the environment.

The majority of children voted:

  • When bikes are brought to school, children walk their bikes from the school gate to the bike parking areas and that helmets must be worn when riding bikes at all times.

  • To maintain and develop a culture of respect for equipment.  So it was decided that if children see equipment being used inappropriately they will tell a PSA, teacher or member of SMT.  They would like their complaints taken seriously and consequences put in place.

  • They asked for a PSA to be visible in every area of the playground especially the P7 area.

  • The children don’t like to see the plants being pulled or picked and people swinging on the trees.  They also had strong views on children pulling the branches on trees.  The pupil parliament decided that until children can respect trees climbing should stop completely.

The pupil parliament met on Wednesday 4 November 2015 and discussed the children’s ideas about our upcoming ‘I can make a difference’ project.  Their ideas will be shared with teachers who will organise appropriate activities in three sessions on 11, 18 and 25 November afternoons.  Please come back and visit this space soon to see our progress with this exciting experience.

Here are some of our initial ideas:

Making a Difference

If you feel you can help lead or support an activity please contact our school office by Friday 6 November with your details.  Thank you.

The first pupil parliament for 2016 will meet on Wednesday 27 January and will be discussing the children’s ideas about improving their experiences in the playrgound to make Buckstone the best it can be.  Feedback to follow soon.


Junior Road Safety Officers

Our JRSO ‘Making a Difference’ team have taken responsibility for this role with additional elected representatives from any classes who were not originally included in the group due to other commitments such as Choir. They are leading Road Safety initiatives and increasing awareness of Road Safety issues.

The Officers meet regularly with a Mrs Conlin and are currently facilitating a ‘Park Smart’ iniative.  They have carried out an initial ‘how we travel to school’ survey with classes, are supporting a Road Safety competition next week and will be leading an upcoming Assembly to encourage Road Safety in school.

Look out for our ‘Park and STRIDE’ banner on display near school.


Health and Wellbeing & Eco Aims

We aim to lead the school to gain the Level 2 Rights Respecting School Award and the Eco Schools Green flag this year.


House System

There are four houses in the School based on hills in the Pentland range:

  • Bells

Bells badge

  • Castlelaw


  • Harbour

Harbour badge

  • Turnhouse

Turnhouse badge



Every pupil is in a House and House activities are planned each term.  House points are given out to encourage positive behaviour.  Younger siblings will be placed in the same House as their older siblings when they join the school.

We also have a Buddy System to support children and classes in the school.


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