School Lunches

Pre-Ordering School Lunch

To help with planning and smooth delivery of meals we have implemented a pre-order system for school lunch. An order form is distributed every 3 weeks, these forms are available on-line

  • Remember to select the latest Order Form. (There are subtle changes in each 3 week cycle).
  • You are requested to return the form either as a hard copy or you can email it into school.
  • Orders must be received by the date stated on the Order Form – (top right corner of the form).
  • If you do not wish to order any meals for these 3 weeks you do not need to return the form.

An overview of School Lunches published by the City of Edinburgh Council is available:

Further information can be accessed on the City of Edinburgh Council website.  Click here for the link.

Parents of P1G are currently testing a system where they directly respond to an email.

School Lunches

P1-3 pupils – new Scottish Government initiative

From January 2015, all P1-3 pupils are entitled to a free school meal. Although the meals are free it is important that you pre-order the meal – NO ORDER = NO MEAL.

To order your meals please use the online ‘Order Form‘.

Please note that the meals are not compulsory – your child will still be able to bring a packed lunch.

P4-7 pupils

Pupils in P4-7 may pay for school meals at a cost of £1.95 per day.

  • 2 meals = £3.90
  • 3 meals = £5.85
  • 4 meals = £7.80

If you are paying for school meals, these must be ordered using the online ‘Order Form‘ and paid for preferably at the time of placing the order. Lunch money should be sent in an envelope clearly marked “Lunch Money” with your child’s name and class.

Thank you for following the above procedure it helps greatly in ensuring that your child receives the correct meal you have ordered.

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