School Lunches

School Lunch Procedure

ParentPay offers a more convenient way to pay for school meals, milk, fees, trips, and much more online.  The system also enables parents, including parents of children entitled to free school meals, to choose school meals online.

You will have a secure online account, activated using a unique username and password; you will be prompted to change these, and to keep them safe and secure.  If you have more than one child at our school, or children at another ParentPay school, you can create one single account login for all your children regardless of which school they attend.

Making a payment is straightforward and ParentPay holds a payment history for you to view at a later date; no card details are stored in any part of the system. Once you have activated your account you can make online payments straight away.

New pupils to the school will be added by the office and activation letters issued.

In terms of school lunch menus the food our pupils eat now contain less fat, sugar and salt and are now better balanced, healthier and more nutritious.

What this means:

  • healthy meal choices
  • at least two portions of fruit and vegetables every lunchtime
  • chips are only served as a part of a main meal
  • less deep fried food
  • oily fish

Please click the link below to see the current menu options, they operate on a 3 week cycle. The menu is updated every few months. The cost per meal is £2.20 and payable in advance online using Parent Pay. Parent Pay is how the council now get you to pay for lunches and trips, please enquire at the office if you need further information on Parent pay. If your child is not in school for any reason during this period a credit will be carried over to the next cycle. To find out if your child is eligible for free school meals, please contact us for an application form.

All pupils in P1-3 are eligible for a free school meal as of January 2015. Although meals are free it is still important that you place an order for these.

Please assist our kitchen by ordering online by Wednesday at midnight the week before you wish to have the lunches. This allows the kitchen staff a week to have all their ingredients ordered in time.

Below is the link to the parent pay login. Please remember you need to login with MyGovScot account.


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