Our Staff

Senior Management Team

Head Teacher: Mrs Imrie

Depute Head Teachers: Mrs Conlin and Mrs Henry

Business Manager: Mr Grieg


Nursery Teacher: Mrs de Bonrostro

Early Years Officer: Miss McBrierty

Early Years Practitioners: Miss Campbell, Mrs Shaw and Miss Blain

Early Years Practitioners Trainee: Miss Giles

Class Teachers

Primary 1: Miss Davidson; Miss Levey; Miss McGhee

Primary 2: Mrs Cross; Mrs McFarlane (Monday, Tuesday & alternate Fridays) and Miss Martin (Wednesday, Thursday & alternate Fridays)

Primary 3: Mrs Bailey (Monday & Tuesday) and Mrs Munro (Wednesday – Friday); Mr Taylor

Primary 4: Mr Bothamley, Mrs Tweedie (Monday, Tuesday & Friday) and Mrs Graham (Wednesday & Thursday); Mrs Williamson

Primary 5: Mrs Haynes; Mrs Williamson (Tuesday & Wednesday) and Ms Hastie (Monday, Thursday & Fridays);

Primary 6: Mr McKeesick; Mrs Nicholson

Primary 7: Miss Fotheringham; Ms Magill; Miss Robinson

Teacher in Training:


Physical Education: Ms Hastie (Tuesday & Wednesday)

Learning Support: Ms Leach

Instrumental Instructors

Brass: Mr Williamson (Monday)

Cello: Mr Cameron (Wednesday)

Office Staff

School Administrators: Mrs George

Admin Assistant: Ms Hobbs

Clerical Officer: Mrs Watson

Pupil Support Assistants: Mrs Campbell, Mrs Ritchie, Mrs Tulloch, Mrs Richardson, Mrs Murray, Miss Forson, Mrs Tait, Mrs Anderson

Service Support Officer: Mr Parry

Playground Supervisors: Mrs Afshan