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P1/2D and P2 Homework- 7 June 2017

Hi everyone,

This is the second last week of homework before the Summer Holidays. Next week we will only be sending reading home.

We will be sending reading home this week but also the homework below. Please see your reading record.

P1/2D have their assembly on Friday- please bring in a costume (as explained in a previous post) by tomorrow.


We are asking all children in P1/2D and P2 to prepare a 2 minute presentation about a ‘Hobby’. This should be prepared by Wednesday 14th June. This can be a sport or activity they enjoying doing outside of school.

You should include:

  • What the hobby is?
  • How often do you do this activity?
  • Why you enjoy it?

You can prepare a poster/ note cards to help you present.

What we will be looking for..

  • A clear voice
  • Eye contact with the audience
  • Well-prepared at home
  • To answer a question from the audience

We can’t wait to hear all about your exciting hobbies!


P2 Homework- Week beginning 23.5.17


Your child will have a reading book home. Please work on identifying ‘ing’ words as you read. Can you remember the rules for adding ‘ing’ to verbs?


Work on spelling block 4 and 5 tricky words. Write two sentences using a few tricky words. Write these in your reading record.

Can you spell 5 tricky words using stones outside?


We are continuing to work on simmering our learning of ‘Time’ in class. See below a few links to help you consolidate your learning. We are focusing on o’clock, half past, quarter past. If your are confident with these times then please extend your learning to intervals of 5 minutes.

Link One

Link Two



We are learning all about ‘Life on the Farm’. Can you sing ‘Old MacDonald had a farm’ in French?


Homework Grids

Tomorrow your child will come home with a homework grid. Please see the information below:

Next term we are experimenting with a more interactive Homework grid. Each grid will take a month to complete. Remember there are four activities on the badge which must be completed. Pupils and parents may select as many of the other activities over the four week period as they like. We do recommend a minimum of two activities per week. Please date the activity when completed. All work should be returned to school each Tuesday.

We hope you have fun!

In Primary One and Two most of the activities are active and do not require any written learning to be handed in. We will talk about homework activities in class and share our experiences with learning partners, in our groups and whole class.

All homework grids are different as the pupils in each class have had the opportunity to lead their learning and create their own.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Primary One and Two Team 🙂

P2 Spring Show

A massive well done to all the P2s at Buckstone! We are so proud of you all. What a fantastic show! We wish you and your families a great Easter holiday. Thank you again for all of your support with costumes and script learning.

The P2 Team 🙂

P2 Information

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that all costumes are due in on Friday. We can’t wait to see them all!!

P2 will not have reading homework after this week. We will focus on reading skills in class linked to a Literacy Evolve book.

We are continuing to work on our ‘Spring Show’. The stage will go up next Wednesday and we can’t wait to perform on it!!

Thanks for all of your support,

The P2 Team 🙂



We have been covering soft g with age ( age), uge ( huge), inge ( fringe), unge ( plunge) and arge ( large) and auge (gauge).


We have been covering subtraction in class.


We are continuing to cover the Victorians and practicing our Easter show.

P2 Spring Show: IMPORTANT!

Hi everyone,

We have cast the parts for our Spring Show which is called ‘There’s a Sunflower in my Supper!”.

We will be sending home scripts if your child has a speaking part. You will also be informed which part your child has in the show and we would be grateful if you could provide the costume for your child.

We will send home a list of ideas for costumes to give you ideas!

It would be great if you could bring in the costume in a plastic bag labelled with your name and with a coat hanger.

We appreciate all the support from you all!!!

Many thanks

P2 Team 🙂

Homework Information

Dear P1 and P2 parents,

We are trialling a no homework period in Buckstone until the Easter Holidays. We will add a blog post each week which will share what we are learning in class to keep you informed. All children will have reading homework.

Important: P1 will still be sent home with their phonics homework (sounds and tricky words). It is really important that you still work on these with your child as this has a huge impact on learning.

After Easter we will be trialling a different approach but we will inform you about that after the holidays.

Many thanks

The P1 and P2 Team 🙂

P2 Homework 22.2.17

There is no homework for a trial period  in school however we will update you on the pupils learning in reading and what sounds they are covering in class.


You have a core and fluency book for home. Complete reading as indicated in their reading records.


We are working on soft c words with i,  e.g mice, rice.

We are sending home block 4 tricky words in the pupils purple folders over the next few days. This week’s tricky words are:

  • school
  • because
  • before


The pupils are covering the properties of 3D shapes in class.


The pupil are covering the Victorians this term.



P2 News

Welcome back to school

Just a little post to let all parents/carers know that we will begin preparing for the P2 Spring Show this term. We will need your help with costumes and with supporting your child to learn lines and songs. We will keep you updated on this.

Many thanks,

The P2 Team 🙂