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Learning Together from Home

Please see below for various guides to help you access and use Microsoft Teams from various devices, guidance for appropriate use of Microsoft Teams and handy tips for using Teams

Parents Guide to Social Media

Office 365 

Office 365 is the City of Edinburgh Council’s online communication, storage and collaboration tool for pupils and staff. It can be accessed from any computer, whether at home, school or elsewhere. (It is also accessible from tablets and mobile devices, via a free downloadable app).

Office 365 allows pupils to:

  • Use email to communicate with other pupils and their teacher.
  • Save files in their own secure online storage space (OneDrive), and access these files from any computer (at home or school).
  • Share files they have created with other pupils and their teacher.

The main advantages of using Office 365 are:

  • Pupils can access schoolwork at home, and homework at school – this should make it easier for pupils to share their learning with parents.
  • Pupils are able to communicate and share files directly with their class teacher – an easy and effective way to submit homework tasks.
  • It allows pupils to gain experience of using an online working environment – helping to prepare them for high school, college or work.
  • All pupils who use Office 365 are also eligible to download Microsoft Office completely free, for use on up to five household computers (and also download the mobile/iPad version for up to five devices). Details on this download are found at: 365-office-download-for-pupils-flyer

Helpful links

  • Use of Office 365 at Buckstone and Code of Practice is available here
  • A list of resources for parents is available here
  • and you can find user guides on some aspects of Office 365 here
  • Also if you find yourself trying to login via a Microsoft Office 365 login page use a user name in the format of ““, this will automatically redirect you to the Council sign-on page

Internet Safety

Recommended useful websites to help parents support their children at home to help keep everyone safe when using this valuable resource are: