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Charities at Buckstone PS

This year at Buckstone Primary School, each year group will be supporting and raising awareness of a chosen charity. We will be highlighting the meaning of a charity as ‘helping others in need’. This may be an animal charity, environmental charity or a health charity. Once we have decided our charities we will update our website to highlight which charity your child will be advocating.

We look forward to supporting and raising awareness of different charities throughout the school and hope that you will enjoy hearing all about it from your child.

Ms Dowds


Race for Life – 1 week to go!

Hello Buckstone Primary School!

Only 1 week to go before our Virtual Race for Life Event! Thank you to everyone for joining in, waving, supporting the event, training, and the FABULOUS amount of money raised so far! 😊 It is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much everyone who has shared the link and donated!!!

Some information for Race Day:

  • Back signs: These will be handed out at school next week to wear on Race Day, You can write on these who you want to run Race for Life for – or you can write Buckstone Primary School.  
  • Registration: No one needs to sign up or register for the event, the whole school is signed up!
  • Medals: Please complete the Form which you can access on the link below to indicate that your child has taken part. We will then hand out the medals the following week to all children that have joined in. (Please note this Form will open on Saturday 20th March and will close on Wednesday 24th March)


  • Donations: All donations can be made by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page (this can be shared via phone, social media and email).
  • Race Day: Saturday 20th March – all families to run their own route and distance of their choice. Please do not meet up to run with other families, we must all still follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Photos: If you would like to share photos of your child / family out on Race Day please upload them to the following locations:
    • Nursery & P1: Please email in to Buck Admin with the subject “Race for Life”.
    • P2-P7: please upload the photos to your Race for Life Channel on Teams.

Enjoy training and good luck on Virtual Race Day!!! 😊