P2 Magical Nurses Mrs McFarlane and Mrs Nicholson

P2MN Blog 23.9.22

Another busy week in Primary 2!

Our highlight this week was another loose parts play session.


In literacy we revised the ‘ee’ sound and also learned that ‘ea’ can make the same sound.  We found out that unlike some of the other sounds we have been learning there is no rule to tell us which ee/ea to use.  This video highlights the confusion that can sometimes arise!

Danny’s ‘ea/ee’ – Prankster Cam (The Electric Company) – YouTube

This image has been helping us to remember ee/ee.  ‘eee a mouse!’

We have also been checking which tricky words we can read and are focussing now on spelling these words correctly in our writing.  Some information will be coming home soon about which words your child is working on.  In the meantime, here are the lists that we work from:

Block 1: I, the, to, me, he, is, his, was, saw, put, want

Block 2: her, one, you, she, be, go, are, said, all, some, come, they

Block 3: so, very, every, two, only, over, any, water, many, would, should, could, where, what, who, why, find, kind

We learned about writing instructions this week and wrote our own set for ‘How to Clean your Teeth’. Some of the features we discussed were: the use of ‘bossy verbs’ (imperatives), steps which are numbered/ in sequence and words of order (first, then, next).

Opportunities for home learning

  • Look at examples of instructions from around the house (lego instructions, recipes, flat pack furniture).  What features can you recognise?
  • Practise tricky words using chalk or squirting water from a bottle on the ground outside.
  • Using a highlighter and an old magazine or newspaper see how many of each word you can find and highlight.  Focus on finding one word at a time e.g. how many of the word ‘the’ can you highlight on the page?


We are continuing to practise days of the week and months of the year.  We learned a song for days of the week which uses the Adams Family theme tune. 

We focussed on ‘equal groups’ in maths, this is a precursor to multiplication and division.  We practised identifying items that were in equal groups; being able to say how many group, how many in each group and how many all together. 

We enjoyed taking our number work outside, working in pairs to do a scavenger hunt.  We had to answer questions asking for the number before or after a given number.  This was tricky as we sometimes get muddled between the concepts of before and after!

Opportunities for home learning

  • Continue to discuss months of the year.  Can you remember which month your birthday fall in?  Can you say which month other family members birthdays fall in?  Are there any months that have special celebrations e.g. Halloween, Christmas?
  • Practise writing numbers correctly.  Can you write 0 – 20 with all digits formed correctly?

Other Areas of the Curriculum

In PE, we are continuing to develop our balance and coordination through a range of activities and games.

In HWB we continued to focus on kindness and acceptance. 

We have been practicing forming the letters c, a, d using the cursive font. 

We completed wellbeing webs – a questionnaire about the wellbeing indicators.

(safe, healthy, active, nurtured, achieving, respected, responsible, included)

Other Information

Last week P2 write letters to King Charles III.  We are going to send a copy to the Palace and we will send a copy home for you to keep as a memento.

Have a great weekend! 😊

P2 Magical Nurses Mrs McFarlane and Mrs Nicholson

Dear Parents/ Carers,

We hope you had a good week.

This week in P2 we have been learning:


In literacy we have learned two new vowel diagraphs -ai and -ay.  These are two ways of writing the same sound.

We learned that ai often comes in the middle of a word (e.g. nail, pain, drain) and that ay often comes at the end of a word (e.g. pray, stay, pay). 

We have used this symbol and the phrase: ‘Eh?  What did you say?’  to help us to remember this sound. 

This week at writing we created a piece of writing without support. We described our own animal that we created by ‘mixing’ two animals. We made very interesting animals!


In Maths we have been learning about time. Our focus has been days of the week and months of the year.

We have continued to work on our numeracy skills through our SEAL programme (different groups will work with different numbers and skills depending on their abilities to be able to make progress accordingly):

  • Counting backwards and forwards from a given number within the range of 30, 100 and beyond for some.
  • Adding two collections of items (uncovered and covered).
  • Sharing amounts equally.
  • Working on doubles to ten.

Other areas

In PE we have worked on balance skills (indoors) and ball skills (outdoors): hand and feet skills.

We have started an interesting topic on animals across the world through the book ‘Polly Jean Pyjama Queen’

We have continued to work on our wellbeing indicators.

Both classes have a special focus on Kindness.

On Thursday we made the most of the rain. We learned how to do paper boats and tried them in the puddles in the playground. They sank…but we are going to keep trying different materials and designs. What a great time we had! 

Things to do at home

Today your child will bring a sheet with how to from cursive letters correctly. Your child could practice how to write her/his name using cursive letters.

Literacy online games


We have listened to this song:

Can your child’s name all the months on the year? Does your child now in which month she/he was born?

Other information

  • Next Tuesday we will have a visit from Zoolab linked to our topic.
  • On Thursday we will have Loose parts. Please ensure your child has appropriate clothing. We will be outdoors no matter the weather (unless torrential rain).
  • Please ensure your child brings a jacket every day to school. As mentioned above children will be outdoors in all weathers.
  • Purple folder. Thank you for your support in emptying the purple folders each day.
  • Please we would like to remind you that toys and Pokémon cards should not be brought to school.
  • A reminder to name all items of clothing and shoes, and to check names on items brought home in case your child accidentally acquires a jumper belonging to someone else.
  • We would appreciate donations of any unwanted empty or partially used notebooks or diaries (used pages can be removed). Also, any enticing writing implements (i.e., glittery pencils/gel pens/ pencils with feathers etc – anything other than standard school issue type pencils/pens). The children enjoy choosing resources from the table to use in their independent learning.
  • We are looking for small pieces of ‘junk’ for modelling e.g., toothpaste boxes, tea bag boxes, snack bar boxes. The more interesting shapes the better!

Have a wonderful weekend!

P2 Magical Nurses Mrs McFarlane and Mrs Nicholson


Our week in Primary 2…

A few quick notices:

  • We use the outdoors in all weathers so please make sure that a waterproof coat is provided and suitable waterproof shoes (wellies/ boots) are worn on wet days. 
  • Please leave toys at home, we have lots of lovely resources and activities in school to play with.

Health and Wellbeing

In PE, we have been practising our listening skills and team-work skills by playing games like; don’t wake the sleeping bear and parachute games.

We have used a range of picture books to explore our own diversity and uniqueness, building on the idea that our class is a family and so we must be kind and accepting of one another. 

We have explored our own emotions using the colour monster book and have been practising talking about this using our emotions check in station. 


We have been practicing counting forwards and backwards, identifying numerals and counting two collections of objects.

We have been using different voices such as, robot, mouse, tiger and singing voice to make counting more fun.


We have been carrying out assessments using the common words from the Oxford Reading Tree (ORT) books.  Reading books will be issued very soon! 

We have been revising tricky words from Primary 1 and enjoyed taking part in a tricky word scavenger hunt in the playground.

We have been building some words using the digraphs; sh, ch, oo and ee.

Have a lovely weekend 😊


P6NM Our Learning this week 10.5.21


  • In spelling we revised words that use ‘ph’ to make an ‘f’ sound such as metaphor and prophet. Please see below for our spelling lists.


triumph, hyphen, photograph, physical, metaphor, telephone, atmosphere, prophet, autograph, pharmacy, sphere, saxophone


triumphant, hyphenate, photography, physically, metaphorical, telephony, atmospheric, prophecy, autographed, pharmacist, spherical, saxophonist


draught draft

  • In writing we created fact files linked to our health week learning. Our fact files were about why different groups of people eat or avoid certain foods and why. This included religion, age and allergies. 
  • We worked on a reading comprehension based on plastic pollution following on from Earth week.
  • We met our literature circle group. We have been referring to the literature circle rubric – see below – to help us to asses our contributions to our group discussions. We have made great progress this year and are hoping to achieve a 3 or 4 by the end of P6.
  • Please note, our reading homework is due for Wednesday 19th next week.


Other Areas of the Curriculum

  • In PE we enjoyed our sports day down at the Waterboard field despite the wet weather!
  • In our living and growing topic we learned the proper names for male and female external body parts.
  • Games @ the hub: we made a logo and a motto for Edinburgh 2021 Games @ the hub which our class has been nominated for Hockey. 

Reflective Friday 19.03.21

Welcome back everyone! We have had a lovely week catching up and learning together in person.

Our Learning:


In maths this week we looked at two step function machines; working through the operations to work out the output. If we were given a problem with only an output we had to use the inverse (opposite) operation to work out the input.

We also learned how to solve some simple equations, using letters to represent a missing value in a calculation.



We finished our whole class novel – Kensuke’s Kingdom – we thoroughly enjoyed reading this book together! We made a time line of Kensuke’s life.

We learned about the features of an effective advert and wrote our own adverts for brussel sprouts.

We practiced the spelling rule ei makes the long vowel sound a e.g. vein, eight, neighbour. Please see teams for our spelling lists this week.

We would like to start literature circles soon, however, we are still waiting on a few novels to be returned to quarantine before we can issue new books. Please could you bring in any reading books that are at home on Monday. We also need any red literature circle folders returned. Many thanks!

Other Curricular Areas

We developed our fitness by completing a woodland workout circuit of activities.

We learned about labyrinths and made our own outside.

We continued our studies on the artist Van Gogh and discussed how objects can be used to symbolise a person and started our own artwork in this style.

We completed an outdoor maths trail.

In HWB we discussed things to be happy about on our return to school.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Nicholson




Spelling w/c 14.12.20

Our spelling rule this week is:

– Antonyms or opposites are often formed by the addition of a prefix

e.g. certain + un = uncertain

– note – words beginning with n do not alter, simply inert the prefix

e.g. un + necessary = unnecessary

Please see the attached document for spelling lists:



Spelling w/c 7.12.20

Our spelling rule this week is:


  • Define prefix as letter or group of letters added to the beginning of a root word to change it’s meaning.
  • Antonyms or opposites are often formed by the addition of a prefix

e.g.  appear  –  disappear

  • Note – word beginning with s does not alter – simply insert the prefix

e.g.    dis + satisfaction

Please see the attached sheet for lists:

Have a super week!

Mrs Nicholson