P1 Lions Reflective Friday 4.9.20

Welcome to the Primary 1 Lion’s blog!

The Lion’s have had another fantastic week in Primary 1! We have had lots of fun playing with our friends and exploring new areas of the playground. Please ensure that all children have a waterproof jacket, so we can go outside to play in all weathers.

The Primary 1s have done so well at learning our daily routines and they are beginning to do more without support. I am so proud of them for trying and working really hard in school!


This week we continued to read some of the Oxford Reading Tree stories. We learned more about the main characters and continued to answer questions which connected the stories to our own lives.

We also finished hearing about everyone’s memory boxes! This has been such a lovely way to get to know a little bit more about the other pupils in the class! Well done to all the Lions for being brave and sharing their favourite and special things with the class!

This week we have also been practising our sounds with Miss McGillivray and Ms Leach! We are very excited to start teaching the sounds from next week.


This week we have continued to use our number fans to help us with our counting. We have been playing lots of maths games as a class on the smart board, which have helped us to develop our number recognition and counting skills up to 10 and beyond. We also have been practising our knowledge of ordering numbers by using a washing line to sort the numbers into the correct order.

Other Areas

P1 has also been having lots of fun playing outside in the playground. In P.E we practised listening to instructions by playing games, getting into groups of a particular number and working on our spatial awareness when running around the playground.

This week we also did a mini Bear topic! We learned about Brown Bears, Black Bears, Polar Bears and Panda Bears! We also linked the topic into our Outdoor Learning! In pairs the children had to look in the playground and find natural materials to create a picture. We also had lots of fun drawing Pandas! Here is our artwork from this week!

We have had lots of fun developing our social skills by playing with our peers in the classroom. We have lots of fun drawing pictures and making crafts, playing in the home corner and reading in the book corner. We also have lots of fun building castles and towers with the construction blocks. Every Friday we draw our favourite moment from the week in our Reflective Friday Journals and an adult will scribe what their drawing is about.

Things to Try at Home

We would love it if the P1s could continue to practice their independence skills. These have improved greatly over the week but could still be quicker and smoother. Try and practice: Changing shoes (fastening buckles and Velcro themselves, making sure they are on the right foot), putting on, zipping up jackets (and turning sleeves the correct way round), opening snacks themselves and tidying up after play.

Ask your child to give you X amount of various things. For example sticks, leaves, stones. Whatever you can find. This will help with our counting skills.

Practice recognising their name and practice writing their name with playdough, sand and other natural materials you can find. They could also use these materials to practice writing numbers.

P1 Lion’s Favourite Things of the Week!

“I enjoyed playing in the brick corner.” – Kieran

“I enjoyed playing Police station in the home corner.” – Logan

“I enjoyed playing with my friends and having fun.” – Isla

“I enjoyed learning about different types of bears.” – Alex

“I enjoyed drawing my Panda.” – Georgie

Happy Weekend!

Next week Ms Leach will be teaching the class on Monday.

P.E will be on Mondays and Thursdays – please come dressed and ready for P.E.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you on Monday!

From Miss McGillivray