Monday 7/9/20: Loose Parts – Outdoor Play

On Monday afternoon P3C will have access to the Loose Parts equipment in the woodland area of our playground. This is a great opportunity to develop exploration through imaginative play.

Loose parts are open ended resources for play, which can be put together, taken apart, moved and coordinated in various ways, and which allow the freedom of motivation to play, which is child led, imaginative and creative. Loose Parts play allows the opportunity to identify and assess risks within resources and various types of play. It allows experience of problem solving, teamwork, negotiation and co-operation, all while nurturing the development of self-confidence and physical skills like agility, balance and co-ordination.

It is likely that children will get muddy whilst using this equipment – especially if it rains over the weekend or on Monday. It may be best if your child comes to school in older clothes on Monday which you don’t mind getting muddy.

Have a great weekend 😊