P6J 11.9.20

Learning Stories were sent home today. Please return them to class next week. 

Here is a summary of our learning this week: 

This blog post was written by India, Benjamin and William. 

Literacy – We have been practising our dictionary skills. We have been doing this to help us find  the spelling and meaning of trickier words. We planned our story for Big Writing before writing our story. We did a spelling test to see how we are getting on in P6 (with words such as earthworm) and we met in our literature circles. We have been practising the skills of: 

  • Character Captain 
  • Super Summarizer  
  •  Vocabulary Vulture 
  • Discussion Director 
  • Colonel Connect It Up 
  • Literacy Luminary 

Spelling – The spelling rule for next week is: c is soft (saying s) when it comes after e, i, y 

Super: police office advice juice choice palace apprentice sentence decision decent deceive 

Fantastic: recede receipt receive recently recess Pacific France Sicily society decide decimal 

Tricky words: peace piece 

Reading – Each Literature Circle set the number of pages they have agreed to read for their next meeting on Wednesday. Here is a reminder of the pages: 

  • Framed – page 55 to 91 
  • Who’s a Big Bully Then? Chapters 3 and 4 
  • Friday Forever – Chapters 4,5 and 6 
  • Our City – page 31 – 61 
  • The Accidental Time Traveller – Chapter 5 to 10
  • How Kirsty Jenkins Stole The Elephant – Chapter 6 to chapter 11 
  • Beetle Boy – Chapters 4 to 8 

Home Learning: 

  • Set reading books to be completed by Wednesday. Please bring your book back to school on Wednesday to meet in your Literature Circle. 
  • Look for tricky words in your reading book and find their definitions in a dictionary. 


MathsWe have been practicing rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 to estimate calculations. The reason we were doing this is to help us figure out harder calculations. (e.g. 34+58. we would take the 34 and make that 30, then take the 58, and make that 60. Then add them together, and you have your estimated answer. 

We also completed a maths revision sheet! It focused on rounding, traditional calculations and mental calculations. 

Some of us also got on to making a poster to explain dividing and multiply by 10,100 and 1000. All of the posters really explained how to divide and multiply! 

Everyday we practice our mental agility. We have been doing the daily ten The daily ten is 10 questions that can include any maths subject which we answer within a set amount of time. This week we have been looking at rounding and multiplying with 15,7 and 10 seconds for each question.        

Home Learning: 

  • Practice doubling or your times tables: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/daily10  
  • Research the heights of the tallest buildings in the world. Can you round them to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. Can you estimate the total height of two of the buildings using rounding?


  • We learnt German numbers 0-10 such as null-0 eins-1 zwei-2 etc 
  • We looked at creating perspective in art which is where you make it go into the distance. Here’s an example of a perspective picture 

  • We took part in the P7 assembly where there was a quiz and we won! 
  • We did drama outside where we mirrored each other’s movements. One of us was the leader and the other person was the reflection kind of like mime! 
  • We got our Microsoft Teams passwords and logged on to our accounts. 
  • In PE, we are creating fitness programmes in groups. So far, we have created and practiced dynamic stretches and a warmup. 
  • We became taxonomists and were learning to classify animals based on their similarities and differences. 
  • We continued looking at the work of Andy Goldsworthy and created some spirals of our own in the playground.

 Home Learning:

  • Practise counting to 10 in German.
  • Enjoy some sport and exercise to improve your fitness.

Have a lovely weekend! Here are some photos from this week: