Spelling and Reading

Please can you check with your child that they still have all of the equipment they need for their learning in school. This should include: writing pencils (at least two would be very helpful), coloured pencils, rubber, sharpener. Thank you!


P2s- revision of the ee/ea sound for example green, seen, bee, tree/ bean, tea, sea

Revision of tricky words.


Your child will have chosen either the core or challenge list in class- ng, nd and nk endings

Core list: bang, hung, long, string, bringing, bank, chunk, thank, drinking, winking

Challenge list: banged, singing, longed, branded, banked, chunked, thanked, drank winked

Tricky words: my, by


New reading books will come home today (Monday). Please remember to bring in your book every day so that you can work on tasks in class. We will collect books in on a Thursday- we were so impressed this week that everyone remembered to return their books on time- well done!

We are continuing to work on reading with fluency. Practise reading as much as you can at home. Keep practising reading the tricky words.