P3C Blog


We have had a ,lot of fun being detectives and making predictions this week like Detective Ted. To make good predictions we:

  • “use the pictures and words in the book”
  • “use what we already know”
  • “make sensible predictions”
  • “say things that are likely to happen”

 We also made predictions about our group reading books.

We really enjoyed writing stories about our characters this week. We planned our stories by talking about our characters:

  • “what do they want?”
  • “What gets in the way”
  • “Do they get what they want?”

There were lots of creative ideas and exciting stories!

For spelling we have been looking at words ending in “ng” and “nk” completing a range of activities to win treasure. WE also did our dictation sentences today.

Things to do at home:

  • Keep making predictions about what you think is going to happen in different books (or TV programmes) at home. Remember to use what you have seen or read to help make predictions.
  • You could try writing about your character in a different story!
  • Choose a way to practise your spelling words

Maths & Numeracy

  • This we week have been practising addition. We need to remember to start with the bigger number as it makes it easier to count on. We have also been learning about 2D and 3D shapes.
  • We have been collecting information by carrying out surveys and practising tally charts. We have been finding out our favourite reptiles, sea creatures, colours, shapes and how we get to school. We have started to learn how to display the information collected in the tally charts by making pictograms.

Things to do at home:

  • Keep on practising you skip counting for the numbers you have set as your target
  • Find numbers and add them together
  • Could you do a tally chart for something at home?

Other Learning

  • PE – Fitness – focusing on good technique
  • Music – Bog Baby Song (with guitar) / Singing in the Rain – we have learned the words and are now trying to sing together with louder singing voices
  • Circle Time – Playing games, miming and talking about feelings