P2/3 Golden Treasures week beginning 22nd September

The end of another busy week in the Golden Treasures class; we hoped you all enjoyed the Monday holiday.

Here’s what we’ve been learning this week.


  • P2s and P3s- continuing to revise our tricky words from Block 1 and 2- reading and spelling
  • P2s- revising ew/oo sound, for example, chew, few, zoo, room
  • P3s- spelling words where we need to double the consonant at the end for example, words with ss, ff, zz, ll endings, for example, hiss, huff, buzz, will
  • Reading- continuing to work on our fluency skills and making predictions about our reading books.
  • Reading- finishing our class novel George’s Marvellous Medicine and starting to read James and the Giant Peach.
  • Handwriting- continuing to practise our cursive letter formation. We are working on curly caterpillar letters– we have practised c, a and o. We practise cursive writing throughout the school. At the moment we are continuing to work on our letter formation and are not joining our letters yet.
  • Writing- continuing to work on what makes a super sentence? We wrote a piece of big writing using what we had learned.

Ideas for home learning

  • Write down some words containing your spelling pattern using really fancy writing.
  • Make a prediction about a book/story/tv show you haven’t watched before based on its title and and front cover/pictures. Share your predictions as a family.
  • Can you write a super sentence at home that starts with a capital and ends with a full stop? What about writing a sentence that will end in a question mark?


Numeracy and Maths

  • Saying numbers sequences forwards and backwards from a variety of starting points
  • Saying the next three numbers in a sequence for example 20….21, 22, 23
  • Sequencing and ordering numbers from smallest to largest and from largest to smallest
  • Counting in tens both forwards and backwards from different starting points.
  • Consolidating our understanding of place value, linking this to money.
  • Reading and displaying information in charts: using tallies to record totals and displaying information in a pictogram. Starting to find out about Venn diagrams.
  • Practising answering our ‘learn-it’ sums as quickly as possible.

Ideas for home learning

  • Practise counting in tens- challenge: how far can you go? Can you count backwards too?
  • Can you use tally marks to collect some information at home? Ideas could be counting the number of knives, forks and spoons in your cutlery drawer. Challenge: you could try to put this information into a pictogram of your own.

Other Areas

  • Outdoor PE- fitness circuits and running- please remember to wear PE kit for school on a Tuesday and Thursday
  • Continuing our learning about sound in science. We used our listening skills to figure out as many of the sounds as we could in a quiz. We’ve attached the link below in case you want another go at home.
  • French- revising French greetings including bonjour, bon nuit, au revoir, and ca va?
  • Drawing our own upside down houses in the style of Quentin Blake, using The Twits as our inspiration.

Ideas for home learning

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs Graham and Mrs Tweedie