P1 Lions Reflective Friday 30.10.20

The Lion’s have had another great week in Primary 1! We have had lots of fun playing with our friends both inside the classroom and outside in the playground.


This week we learned two more sounds: ‘g’ and ‘f’.

We had lots of fun watching Geraldine the Giraffe, playing lots of games about our new sounds and singing the Jolly Phonic’s songs! We played a sound race game and writing out 3 sound words which matched an image. We also loved drawing and colouring in our fishes to help us learn the ‘f’ sound. We are enjoying blending the sounds we have learned together to make words.

We also continued with our reading this week and read a new book together. We are learning how to make predictions about a text with the information we have in the text and in the illustrations, we are using the words that are on our books to make sentences. We are working very hard on developing all our reading skills. We really enjoyed looking for words in the book, reading with a partner and we even read the book backwards which we found really silly but super fun!

Things to try at home:

  • Practice the common words found in the book which were sent home. If you don’t have the flashcards the list of words is: Biff, Chip, Kipper, Mum, Dad, Floppy, and, a, the
  • Use the alphabet flashcards which were also sent home and ask your child to tell you the sound. (Some we have haven’t learned yet but will have before Christmas – if you have time you could see if your child knows what they are!)
  • Go on a letter hunt. Look around you for places where you can see any of the letters you know. Remember to say the pure sound of the letter not the name. ( so a= ah, not ay )
  • On Monday – I will be sending home on a document with words/story of your child’s reading book. As we cannot send the books home it would be great if you could practice reading the text with your child. With the text practice reading the story both forwards and backwards, ensuring your child is pointing to the word they are saying. Also ask your child to find you particular words from the text to practice their recognition of words/sounds. Ask your child to find you a word beginning with _____ from the text, again to practice recognition of the sounds/letters.
  • Use the literacy home learning sheet linked below. You can either print out the flashcards to build words or simply write them onto paper. Try and build some of the suggested words.


This week in numeracy we had a focus week on pattern.

We learned all about what pattern is and the different types of patterns we might see in our local community. For example, shape patterns, colour patterns and picture patterns. We also learned the difference between natural and man made patterns and played a simple game of “what am I?” The children had to decide if the pattern was either natural, something that has grown outside or an animals feathers, or if it had been made by a person, for example, roof tiles, buildings or windows. We then went for a pattern hunt in the playground and looked for 5 natural patterns and 5 man made patterns. We found lots of leaves, trees, bricks on the the school building and the colours on the school benches. Unfortunately, we tried to then make our own patterns with leaves and sticks but it was too windy for us to build them! We also coloured in shapes to make our own colour patterns, did finger painting to finish the dot/colour patterns on snakes and drew our own patterns where we could do anything we wanted. One of our play stations this week was also using peg boards to copy simple patterns or we could make our own.

We also continued to use the SEAL maths programme for our mental maths this week. We practised saying the number before and number after in the range to 30 and beyond. We also loved playing my turn, your turn counting up and back down to and from 30.

Things to try at home:

  • Look for patterns around your house, garden or local community. Is it natural or is it man made?
  • Can you create a pattern using anything you can find in your house? For example, pencils, books, toys, flowers, leaves, stones.
  • Count items using 1-1 correspondence. Put down a quantity of small items, for example raisins, buttons, counters, small stones or lego bricks. Ask your child to count them carefully, pointing to, or moving each one in turn. can they count the total accurately? Increase the level of challenge by using a larger collection.
  • Number hunt: Ask your child to look for specific numbers in the street: buses, house numbers and ask your child to say the number that goes after and before that number.
  • Practice number formation of the numbers 0 to 10 (or more if your child is confident with this already) As an extra challenge ensure they are writing two digit numbers the correct way around.

Other Areas


P1 has also been having lots of fun playing outside in the playground. In P.E we have been working on our fitness and spatial awareness when running around the playground. We also have been learning about different ways to move around the playground such as running, jumping, hopping, skipping etc. We had four different games in P.E, focusing on our fitness skills/ways of travelling, which we rotated round in small groups. The first was walking along a skipping rope, practising our balance, then we did five star jumps and ran back to high five the next person in our team. The second, was to run backwards and forwards from the black fence to a row of cones. We had to keep moving for the duration of the time but we could walk, skip or jump if we got too tired running. The third station was weaving in and out between cones whilst running. This made us have to think about where our bodies were going and to think about where our feet need to be to get around the cone. The last station was arguably the most fun for the P1s! In groups of two we had to take bean bags and place them into our hoop. We then had to take bean bags from the other teams hoops and bring them back to our own. We had to keep running and taking bean bags until the time ran out. The four games made us very tired but we had a discussion about why exercise is good for us and why our hearts beat faster after exercise.


We also did our first music lesson this week. We listened to two different pieces of music and talked about how they made us feel. One made us feel happy and excited where as the other one made us feel sad and sleepy. We then got out some instruments and either played/clapped along to the beat of the music. You can find the game below.



This week for art we had a Halloween theme. We designed our own pumpkins using whatever colours we liked. We also got to design their own faces.We also made a spooky ghost picture by using white paint on black paper. We painted our hands to make the ghosts and decorated with glitter. Some children even painted cobwebs in the corner. Then we used a black pen to add detail to our ghosts, stuck on googly eyes and used a white pencil to add any other images to our pictures.


We also continued to practice our funky fingers. This helps with holding pens and pencils to get ready for writing, we started using playdough to help make our hands and fingers stronger. We have been having lots of fun following, the videos below. If you have any playdough at home why not practice at home!

We have had lots of fun developing our social skills by playing with our peers in the classroom. We have lots of fun drawing pictures and making crafts, playing in the home corner and reading in the book corner. We also have lots of fun building castles and towers with the construction blocks. There is always lots of fun things to do in the classroom to support our learning and play.

Things to Try at Home

  • Play our P.E games in the garden or practise the ways in which you could move your body.
  • Practice clapping along to songs you might be listening to. Can you hear the rhythm? Also, think about how the music you listen to makes you feel.
  • Think about where you hear music. For example, on the radio, in games, on the telly.

P1L’s Favourite Moments of the Week

“I liked playing the drum in music.” – Barney

“I liked learning about pattern and making my own one.” – Georgie

“I enjoyed playing with the bricks with Archie.” – Maximos

“I had fun playing music.” – Murray

“I liked painting my ghost.” – Maisie

“I had fun looking at all of the pumpkins.” – Archie

Happy Weekend!

  • Ms Leach will be teaching the class on Monday.
  • P.E will be on Mondays and Thursdays – please come dressed and ready for P.E.
  • Please remember to label all items with your child’s name. We still have items that haven’t been claimed since August. Remember to label hats and gloves too!
  • We hopefully will be going to do some Outdoor Learning in the woods on Tuesday morning. (I will confirm on Monday by email). If possible, please ensure your child comes dressed appropriately as the woods can be muddy.
  • If you no longer have any resources at home – please get in touch and I will happily send some home in your child’s purple book bag.

Have a lovely weekend, stay safe and I will see you on Monday.

From Miss McGillivray