P2W Wonderful Wolves 30.10.2020

Hello Wonderful Wolves and Happy Friday! 😊

It has been lovely to have everyone back in the classroom again this week! The children have been working very hard and we have done lots of super learning!

  In literacy we have covered:

  • ‘My Holiday’ – writing super sentences, using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces 
  • Writing Challenge Star Step: use a connecting word to extend the sentence
  • Writing super sentences about what makes us happy
  • Sounding out/blending/spelling CVC words
  • oa and ow Diagraph
  •  Example oa words – boat, goat, float, soap
  •   Example ow words – bow, arrow, snow, throw
  • Reading sentences and drawing pictures to match
  •  Tricky Words (Block 1 – 8 PowerPoints are attached to this post, if you would like to practise at home)
  •  Letter Formation – cursive
  • Word searches and Boggle (word building)
  •  Reading Groups – in class
  •   Reading sent home


  •  Reading groups
  • Reading out loud to the teacher
  • Reading with expression
  • ‘Fastest Finger First’ for tricky words and punctuation
  • Predicating and recalling information

A reminder that reading groups have been set up and are based on in-class assessments – these groups are fluid. Please don’t be alarmed or worried if your child moves groups – changes are only made in order to support your child’s individual development and engagement

Here is a link the PowerPoints of our Block 1 -8  tricky words:

Tricky Word Block 1 PP

Tricky Word Block 2 PP

Tricky Word Block 3 PP

Tricky Word Block 4 PP

Tricky Word Block 5 PP

Tricky Word Block 6 PP

Tricky Word Block 7 PP

Tricky Word Block 8 PP

In Numeracy we have covered:

  • Addition with missing numbers (eg 3 + ? = 8)
  • Subtraction
  • Part-Whole Number Bonds
  • Mad Maths Minute – Addition Sums
  • 3D shapes and their properties
  • Chilli Challenge addition


Our P.E days are a Monday and Wednesday. 

This week for P.E we focused on:

  • Fitness – exercise video in class

Morning Starters:

  • Tuesday – Literacy Activity 
  • Wednesday – Letter Formation 
  • Thursday –Maths Activity 
  • Friday – Fine Motor Control Activity 

Learn Through Play Activities:

  • Role Play – Home Corner
  • 3D shape problem solving puzzles
  • Block Play
  • Construction
  • Arts and Crafts table
  •  iPads (literacy and numeracy)

We really enjoyed seeing all the wonderful and creative pumpkins in school today – thank you for sharing! I hope you have a lovely weekend and I will see you all on Monday.

Mrs Williamson x 😊