P2/3 Golden Treasures Spellings

This week’s spelling patterns are below if you’d like to work on these at home. We do a dictation activity using these words/patterns each Friday.

Team Jewel: revising ar and or words.

For example: car, bar, harm, hard; for, form, torn, corn, lord.

Team Gold: adding ing endings

for example: ending, mending, spending, bending, lasting, gasping, standing

Tricky words: your, called, sentence

Team Treasure: words with the al spelling that make an ol sound

Core list: salt, halt, bald, scald, alter, wall, calling, small, stall, football

Challenge list: halted, balding, scalded, altered, exalting, nightfall, bookstall, overall, volleyball, waterfall

Tricky words: also, always