Important Information and Reflective Friday 30.4.21

Week Beginning 26th April 2021

Well done for a successful and busy week of learning in P4WL! Thank you for taking the time to engage in the parent consultation sessions this week with Mrs Williamson and I, it has been a great opportunity to share lots of successes and hear about how everyone is. 😊

Please note that the children have an important letter in their bags today that we talked about in class. Please take an opportunity to read through and return the slip at the bottom by next Friday – 7th May. Thank you for your help and co-operation, it is much appreciated.

Also, we will be looking to enjoy watching our Buckstone Has Talent entries for P4WL next Wednesday in class. We will be deciding on the class act to go forward for the final on Wednesday. Please upload any videos/recordings onto the Assignments onto our Class Teams files by then. Thank you!

This week we have been learning to:


  • Read and analyse a poem and use descriptive phrases.
  • Find the meaning of more challenging words and phrases.
  • Identify adjectives, alliteration and other literacy techniques within texts.
  • Spell words with open syllables and use these within dictations.
  • Share our opinion and ideas around a range of texts.
  • Read, using a clear voice and expression, to an audience.
  • Share key parts of a new class novel, The Legend of Spud Murphy, with information about the setting, characters and events so far.
  • Answer a range of questions, using key evidence from the text.
  • Develop our understanding of a time-line and order events chronologically.

Spelling next week will be a focus on the Common Words. Please find these in our Teams files if you wish to continue working on these.

Ideas for Learning at Home:

  1. Find a poem that you are interested in – can you find another by William Wordsworth? Is there a Spring poem you can find and share with your classmates? What do you like about it and why?
  2. Practise the spelling rule this week and the common words.
  3. Take some time to enjoy reading for pleasure, finding a new text like an audio book, magazine, non-fiction book or a novel.


This week we have been learning to:

  • Develop our speed and accuracy of number facts.
  • Build on our knowledge of the times tables, specifically the 9 times table.
  • Continue to focus on number patterns and use mental strategies like halving and doubling.
  • Share what we already know about Fractions and identify halves and quarters of shapes and numbers.
  • Identify the position of an object or symbol on a grid.
  • Create a grid of our own and use objects and directional/positional language to share information.
  • Explain what a grid reference is.
  • Develop our knowledge of what co-ordinate grids are and how to find a co-ordinate point.
  • Use real-life maps and contexts to share a grid reference or co-ordinate point.

Ideas for Learning at Home:

  1. Find a times table you find more challenging – use a game online, one you have created or an idea to help you (it may be good fun to do something outdoors!)
  2. Find a half or quarter of a shape or an amount.
  3. Create a grid outdoors in your garden or a local park/area where you can practise your Angles, Position and Movement. Consider creating grid references/co-ordinate points and how you can challenge yourself to describe a route from one place to another (use the language we have been learning).
  4. Find an atlas or use a map/Google Maps to try and create a grid reference challenge – explain to someone at home how to find an object or symbol.

Across the Curriculum

This week we have been learning to:

  • Explore boats from the past and recent times and know how to place them chronologically on a time-line.
  • Draw a design for our own boat, using our STEM skills to think like an engineer.
  • Explore opportunities for creative thinking, problem solving and team-building using the loose parts play equipment.
  • Use line, shape and colour to create a piece of Spring Art.
  • Use pattern, line, shape and colour to recreate a Pop Art style.
  • Take part in fitness challenges and develop our throwing, jumping and ball skills

Great effort everyone! 😊

Have a lovely long weekend and we will look forward to seeing you back in school on Wednesday 5th May! 😊