P2M Magic Monkeys 07.05.2021

Hello P2M and Happy Friday!

We’ve had an odd week at school this week with holidays and the school being closed yesterday! I hope you had a fun day Learning Together at Home! Don’t worry if you didn’t join the live session or complete the home learning – we understand the change in routine can make this tricky.

This week we have been exploring…….

In Literacy;

  • Writing ‘All About Me’ as part of our Big Writing Programme
  • Writing about Primary 3
  • Reading (whole class activity)
  • Reading (at home book review)
  • Handwriting Practice (cursive and non-cursive)

In Numeracy/Maths;

  • Fractions (halves and quarters)
  • 3 Times Table (counting in and sequencing 3s)

Other Curricular Areas;

  • Music – we recorded our performance today! Information of how we will share this with you will be sent home as soon as possible.
  • PE. Team Tig Games

Learn Through Play Activities:

  • Looking after the new pets – the snails are still a big hit!
  • Marble Run
  • Block Play (we have new large blocks)
  • Lego/construction
  • STEM activities
  • Role Play
  • Arts and Crafts table – free choice
  • Painting station – free choice
  • Literacy games
  • Numeracy games
  • Mindfulness colouring in
  • Drawing table – free choice

Looking forward to next week:

  • New sounds – soft c (continued)
  • Tricky Word practice (reading and spelling)
  • New reading book (new books on Monday)
  • 3 Times Table
  • Maths – Fractions
  • P.E (Monday/Wednesday)
  • Outdoor Learning
  • Dictation
  • Writing
  • Learn Through Play
  • Morning Starter/Afternoon Ender

Extra Information

  • Learning Stories have been sent home today – we hope you enjoy seeing your child’s learning from last term and their targets for this term
  • As we moved closer to Primary 3 we are going to start spending a little bit more time sitting at our own desk!
  • We will still be learning through play, have lots of opportunity to lead our learning and make choices too
  • This will help us to be ready for Primary 3 after the summer!
  • Please remember to bring reading books to school every day – especially a Thursday as that’s collection day
  • Some learners in the class have been asking about ‘Show and Tell’. As you can imagine this could become very time consuming and trying to get through everyone would be a tricky task! Although I don’t do ‘Show and Tell’ learners are welcome to share learning and/or achievements from home. If your child would like to do this you are welcome to provide something to display on our ‘Learning At Home’ wall.
  • This term learners will be given the opportunity to do a presentation to the class – more information will be shared nearer the time.
  • All learners are invited to speak and share with the class, during the ‘whole class input’ part of a lesson and during the ‘plenary’ part of a lesson, daily.
  • I hope this reassures everyone that public speaking is a skill we work on daily without the pressure of it feeling like a bigger task

Enjoy the weekend – have fun and stay safe!

Miss McGhee xxx