P2/3GT Spelling Week Beginning 17th May

This week’s spelling patterns are below if you’d like to work on these at home. We do a dictation activity using these words/patterns each Friday. Please feel free to add words of your own; it isn’t just about learning a “list” of words but understanding how words are built up and spelt.

Team Jewel: continue to work on the oy sound

For example: boy, toy, joy, enjoy, ahoy

Team Gold: adding ing endings (where you don’t need to change the root word)

For example: reading, speaking, cleaning, eating, fighting, lighting, sighting

Tricky words: earth, through, always

Team Treasure: plurals- adding s to the end of words to make the plural form

Core list: chains, clocks, smells, hooks, goats, coins, nights, pounds, springs, insects

Challenge list: rainbows, crackers, footballs, scooters, raincoats, toilets, lightbulbs, workouts, weddings, grasshoppers

Tricky words: spend time revising words that you are having difficulty with

Here are the tricky words in case you need them: