Reflective Friday WB 17.5.21

Primary 4WL well done for a busy and successful week of learning! We have enjoyed lots of different opportunities across the curriculum and finding out more about our topic, Titanic.

Here is a summary of our learning across the week:


We have been learning to-

Spell words with a ‘wr’ pattern correctly

Use accurate spelling of ‘wr’ words within a context

Share our class novel, thoughts and opinions

Review our class novel by writing a book review

Recap our understanding of our reading by answering different questions in our class novel, reading group books and texts in class

Look for information in a text and share where we can find the information using the layout and organisation of the text for example the title and an index

Find out about what a letter is, what it looks like and how it is structured and organised

Look at examples of letters and write our own examples of a letter, using the correct layout and languages

Write and redraft a good copy of a letter, using self-checking skills and careful presentation

Work cooperatively with our new table groups and new learning pairs on challenges

Use correct spelling and word contexts to fill passages (cloze procedure)

Look carefully at a glossary text and answer different questions about it

Next week our Spelling rule will be-
L.I. We are learning to spell words with a silent ‘k’ pattern.
Over the years the pronounciation of words has changed and some letters appear in the spelling of words which are no longer sounded:
Silent ‘k’ followed by ‘n’ – kn
Word List (there will be additional ones and set as Super/Fantastic next week but these can get you started!):
knee knight knot knead knew knowledge knives kneeling knitting knocked
Tricky Words
know no


We have been learning to-

Find out more about sharing into equal amounts, using my knowledge of division, to find fractions of amounts and numbers

Solve fraction challenges and problem solving tasks to find a fifth of an amount

Add and subtract different amounts of money using different methods

Solve problems using my knowledge of money

Identify, recognise and use a range of coins and notes correctly

Use our place value, knowledge of the four operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing) and number facts to play games

Think like mathematicians and use our number knowledge to ask good problem solving questions

Develop our speed, pace and accuracy with our times tables knowledge

Work with a learning partner to solve number and maths clues in a mystery task

Across the Curriculum

We have been learning to-

Create engaging and interesting posters for the Titanic (wanted posters)

Find out about athletes and take part in PE challenges like them

Find out about animals by enjoying a P3 assembly

And finally…

Thank you to the children who helped us to share the learning above – you can click to see any picture closer. 🙂
Here are some photos below too!

Have a great long weekend everyone and we look forward to seeing you back in class on Tuesday 25th May!