P2/3 Golden Treasures Spelling 25th May

This week’s spelling patterns are below if you’d like to work on these at home. We do a dictation activity using these words/patterns each Friday. Please feel free to add words of your own; it isn’t just about learning a “list” of words but understanding how words are built up and spelt.

Team Jewel: the ea sound

For example: eat, seat, heat, near, fear, ear

Team Gold: adding ing endings (where you have to make a change- doubling the consonant at the end)

For example: batting, humming, rubbing, winning, jamming, setting, plotting

Tricky words: we are working on block 7 words- country, young, example (reading/recognising and spelling)

Team Treasure: adding ‘es’ to the end of words to make the plural form

Core list: boxes, foxes, dishes, benches, brushes, dresses, beaches, churches, kisses, glasses

Challenge list: churches, circuses, torches, branches, splashes, addresses, radishes, canvases, buzzes, tomatoes

Tricky words: continue to spend time revising words that you are having difficulty with

Here are the tricky words in case you need them: