P1 Tigers reflective Friday 28th May 2021

Good morning. We hope you are all well.

Another busy week for us.

Look what we have been learning this week!:


Our sounds this week were final consonant blends st and rk, our tricky word was


We have been working on our writing skills. Our focus this week was My friend.

We have continued to work on our reading skills. This week our books are fact books. We have been working on discussing new words and looking for new information. Your child took the book yesterday. This is an opportunity for you to discuss the learning.

Home learning ideas

  • Practice the new sounds using the sheet below
  • You could help to make the shopping list.
  • Show an adult what you have learned with your reading book this week.
  • Practise spelling all the tricky words so far: how many can you write from memory ? Please continue to practice these
  • Be Geraldine……. ” Off she went around the house to find something ENDing with st, rk etc ” How many things can you find? You could make a list of all the things you find.
  • Practise your letter formation – are there any letters you find tricky to write ?
  • Learn to spell and write your surname.


This week our focus has been subtraction from 10 ( from 20 for some).

Please continue to practice this skill at home: children can use their fingers, items and/or a number line.

Home learning ideas

  • Count backwards from 30 to 10 ( or 100 – 30)

Other areas

We have been looking at our tadpoles that are growing legs now.

Our caterpillars have built their cocoons. We are very excited about this!

Independent learning


  • Next week we will be joining Potato needs a bath online show as part of the Imaginate Festival. We are looking forward to this experience. To prepare for it we are going to celebrate Potato’s birthday, We are all invited therefore we all need to bring a fruit or vegetable on Wednesday as we will make party hats for them.
  • Please continue to label all your children’s items.
  • If you would like to change your child’s start or finishing times (even for one day) this needs to be approved by the SMT. It should be adults who email the school to ask permission to Management, unfortunately we cannot rely on children’s messages. Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Cross and Mrs de Bonrostro