P1 Bright Sparks - Miss Croal

P1B Reflective Friday 16.9.22

Hello Bright Sparks! We have been very busy this week around the classroom. Today your child will bring home their learning story folder containing an overview plan for the term along with targets and star steps for each pupil. Please return the folder to school next week. Thank you.


This week, we have introduced the ‘p’ sound and the ‘n’ sound. We practised the sounds with our friend Geraldine the Giraffe and had another great treasure hunt around the classroom. Our writing prompt this week was ‘I am pointing at…’. The Bright Sparks filled in the blank for ‘at’ and then imagined themselves pointing at something in the playground. Around the classroom, we made pink potato paint prints and a newspaper n. We also had fun dressing up as pirates and the police! At the end of the week, we sorted lots of objects into a, t, p and n tubs. Please see the videos below to help with practising writing the p and n sounds.

pink paint potato prints
making the n sound with newspaper
using our learning through play time to practise writing our initial sounds
sorting by a, t, p and n sounds
being very busy at the writing table


This week, we continued with our SEAL programme. We all worked on saying the next number forwards and backwards, alternate numbers and counting a collectionAt home, you could refer to numbers around the house on clocks etc for numeral identification (eg what number is this?).​

Other Areas

In PE this week, we have been continuing to focus on spatial awareness and basic movement, such as being in a space bubble and running and walking forwards and backwards. We also took turns leading the warm-up and following the leader.

In Music, we have been using our listening skills to work out who is singing our tapping on the window song! We played this game during the first week of school, and it is fantastic now to see that every single Bright Spark wants a shot of singing solo in front of the class! There has been some lovely imaginative play in the P1 area. See pictures below.

using sewing skills to make a handbag
a mansion with a driveway!


Next Thursday afternoon we will have outdoor loose parts play (aka Messy play). The children way get wet and dirty, so please dress accordingly – old play clothes, or a waterproof onesie, wellies etc. We want the children to enjoy the experience without worrying about their clothes.

Loose parts play develops skills across the whole curriculum. It is child-led, and helps children strengthen their independence and sense of self. It helps children observe, enquire, investigate, construct, deconstruct and engage with both others and the world around them

General information:

If the classroom door is closed, please drop off/pick up your child at the office. 

Please look out for the coloured paper on a Friday in the purple folder with what we have been learning this week!

Promote independence in dressing – changing/tying shoes, opening snack packets, zipping up coats, sorting inside out sleeves etc

Look around the environment for examples of written numerals – car number plates on the walk to school provide lots of opportunity for number hunts!

Encourage your child to write their name using correct letter formation.

Enjoy the long weekend,

Miss Croal