P1 Bright Sparks - Miss Croal

P1B Reflective Friday 23.9.22

Happy Friday, Bright Sparks! Please look out for the Queen Elizabeth II keepsake book provided by the Government, the Halloween Disco letter and the blue paper with our sounds for the week in the purple folders. We would be grateful if you could please bring the learning stories back to school as soon as you have read the term overview and your child’s star steps.


This week, we have introduced the ‘s’ sound and the ‘i’ sound. We practised the sounds with our friend Geraldine the Giraffe and had two more treasure hunts around the classroom, finding things like a star, a snake, Sophie, Sarvesh, ink and insects. We made suns with paint and pasta, sniffed different smells and tried to build igloos! Our writing prompt this week was ‘I sat on a…’, and we all had a go at sounding out and writing ‘sat’. We had really imaginative drawings and ideas! Below are also videos to help your child with the s and i letter formation.

What can you ssssmell?
making our suns
scissor skills and slithery snakes!
I sat on a… “ice block and Anna, Elsa and Kristoff were there!”


This week, we continued with our SEAL programme for numeracy fluency work. We have been working on lots of different skills including sequencing numerals 1-10, counting backwards from 10 or 20, taking a given amount of counters and domino pattern recognition.

Other Areas

In PE this week, we have been continuing to focus on spatial awareness and basic movement. We were being different types of beans around the hall, such as runner beans, broad beans, jumping beans and chilli beans! 

Our first loose parts (messy play) session was a great success. It was fab to have all P1 classes out together, and thankfully it stayed dry in the afternoon! During the session, there was an abundance of teamwork, problem solving and communication skills.

problem solving how to fix leaks

We had a special delivery this week of new furniture for our classroom house corner! There has been increased engagement with this area and the children are demonstrating the skills of negotiation, teamwork and cooperation during the roleplay. We still would welcome donations of any further resources to support our loose parts provision – if you have a source of larger items such as guttering, logs etc we would love to hear from you. Also, any old baking trays or pots and pans are most welcomed and will be well used.

enjoying our new house furniture!
enjoying our new house furniture!
we made a sculpture!
we made a house with a rooftop garage!
Friday Dance Freeze!

General information:

If the classroom door is closed, please drop off/pick up your child at the office. 

Promote independence in dressing and everyday tasks – changing/tying shoes, taking off jumpers, opening snack packets, zipping up coats, sorting inside out sleeves etc.

Appointment booking for Parent Consultations on 5th or 6th Oct will open later this evening.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Croal