P1 Bright Sparks - Miss Croal

P1B Reflective Friday 14.10.22

Happy holidays, P1B! Well done on all your hard work over your first 9 weeks of school!


This week, we introduced the e and h sounds.  We used our craft and cutting skills to make elephants, and also completed the elephant drawing. On Wednesday, we made hedgehogs and on Thursday we learned all about Miss Croal’s harp! Some of us wanted a shot of playing it. We found out that it is a clarsach which is Gaelic for ‘small harp’. When we say the ‘h’ sound, we should be able to feel our breath on our hand. 

As well as focussing on 2 more sounds, we also learned 2 tricky words: I and the. Tricky words are those that you can’t sound out – they are tricky but common so we have to know them by sight! At the teaching table, we worked with our letterboards for blending and building, as well as practising our letter formations.

For writing this week, our prompt was “I am waving to…”. We had a go at filling in “I am”. We came up with some very imaginative drawings!

Maths and numeracy

This week, we learned about shapes and objects. For 2D shapes, we focussed on a circle, square, rectangle, triangle, pentagon, hexagon and octagon and how many sides they have. For 3D objects, we learned about cubes, cuboids, cylinders, spheres and pyramids. If I put it on the palm of my hand and it sticks up then it’s a 3D object and not a flat shape. We managed to all find lots of real-life examples around the classroom! On Friday, we had unifex CUBES and some of the Bright Sparks made a huge cube train!

Health and Wellbeing

In PE this week, we worked on movement whilst also practising listening for the initial sound. If the word began with ‘a’ we had to run, if the word began with ‘i’ we had to jump. Our listening and focus was so great that we ended up with 7 different movements for 7 different sounds! We also did some yoga in the classroom to help us stretch and relax.

This week, we read the book I Feel Sad. The book helped us see how to Look on the Bright Side. If our tower gets knocked down, we now have a challenge to build a bigger one! If we feel sad or down, it is important to try and keep busy and distract ourselves.

Other Areas

This week, there were impressive structures with the small bricks, team work with the marble run, more dress designing in the area and a great outdoor loose parts session!

General information:

I will be teaching Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the week we come back to school.

I am looking for some additional furniture and items for our classroom. If anybody has any small tables (IKEA LACK size), small chairs or rugs that are unwanted we would really appreciate any donations! 

Have a great October break and thank you for all your support this half-term,

Miss Croal