P1 Bright Sparks - Miss Croal

P1B Reflective Friday 9.12.22

Good afternoon! 


This week, we played Bingo to revise our sounds. We split our whiteboard into 4 and chose 4 sounds. When we heard a word starting with one of our sounds, we crossed that one off. Even if we weren’t one of the ones to get ‘Bingo!’, we still did very well at listening to the initial sound! 

Maths and numeracy

This week, we introduced pattern. We completed patterns based on object, size and colour. We will continue this next week, and also introduce symmetry.


A huge well done to everybody for their fantastic performances in the Nativity! A few tired faces at the end of the week just shows how hard we worked and how good our focus was! This week, we performed to all the children in the school (Nursery and P2-7), all the members of staff and our families. Here are some photos of us in our costumes before Monday and Wednesday’s performances, as well as some photos of our other learning this week.

General Information

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Have a great weekend,

Miss Croal