P2 Different Dashes - Mrs DeBonrostro

P2 Reflective Friday 10.02.23

Dear Parents / Carers

We hope you had a nice week.

Due to a technical issue we cannot upload photos of the amazing learning that has taken place in our class this week.

Here is a summary of our learning.


This week our focus has been addition (to 10, 30 and 100 for some). We have been working on understanding the link between a digit, its place and its value (focus on tens and units).  When adding two-digit numbers we need to add first the units and then the tens. We are still using, when needed, the counting on strategy when adding a two-digit number with one digit number.

Ideas to do at home 

  • We have been using this game in class to work on place value.





When working at home ensure your child works on writing the sum using the correct symbols for add/plus and equal. Write simple sums and ask your child to write the answers and explained how she/he has worked the answer. A couple of this a day will be a good practice for your child.

  • Addition to 10


  • Adding two-digit numbers



(level 6)


We have been working about soft g. Soft g is when the letter g makes the ‘g’ sound. Magic e is making the i say its name.  Also, when ge come together the sound is always s and the e is silent.  Examples: page, smudge, hedge.

Tricky words: eight, money, learn

This week are not sending reading books home. This week our focus has been assessment of the sounds we have been working on this term.

We have continued to work on reading skills such as : looking for new vocabulary (talking about its meaning), inference (make and justify inferences using evidence from the text), prediction (Predict what might happen from the details given and implied), explain, retrieval of information  (Retrieve and record information and identify key details from fiction and non-fiction) and summarising (summarise the main ideas from more the book) . When reading books at home please ask questions to your child about the text.

In writing we wrote descriptions of Katie Morag. We are learning to use interesting describing words.  During the week while reading books we have made a bank of describing words (adjectives). We have done an amazing job!

In handwriting we have worked on writing cursive letters h and b.

Ideas to do at home:

  • Please practice the tricky words from Block 5 that we have worked on at school: write, great, move, story, does, done, school, before, because, people, again, four, eight, money and learn.
  • Please ensure your child is confident at reading and writing all the tricky words from previous blocks.
  • Please keep working on tricky words from previous weeks. Look, cover and write strategy is a good one to use at home.
  • Words to read at home to practice soft g.
  • Practice cursive letter formation. Please reinforce how to hold the pencil correctly and the right letter formation


Other areas

PE we have been practicing gymnastic skills and learning new games to work on following instructions.

Social Studies: We have continued to learn about life in an island through Katie Morag and Robert Burns.

RHSP We have discussed the Friendship topic: When friends fall out.

Following our Building Resilience program, we have worked on ‘Have a goal’.


  • Please check your child’s bag as they will have their login details to access Sumdog (website for Maths) and all the information about how to access it.
  • Next week it is the February break. We are back on Monday 20th February.
  • Loose parts on Monday 20th February.

Have a wonderful break!

Mrs de Bonrostro