P2 Different Dashes - Mrs DeBonrostro

P2D Reflective Friday 24.02.23

Dear Parents/Carers, 

We hope that you had a lovely week. 


**World Book Day Thursday 2nd March**  

Please feel free to bring in a book from home to enjoy reading in class.  

Here is a summary of our learning. 


We have started a unit of work on compound words (e.g. cupcake, football, bedroom). This week we talked about words with two syllables and we practised clapping and counting syllables in words. In this block the children will also have the opportunity to revisit the vowel digraphs which were taught in Block 2. For example, in the word ‘rainbow’ the children will be revisiting ai and ow and applying their knowledge of syllables and letter sounds to spell the whole word.  

We watched this video clip in class which provided us with some examples of compound words. 

Alphablocks : Plusman – Series 4 – Episode 03 – YouTube 

The tricky words this week are eye, even and above. 

In writing we made a very basic flowchart about choosing when and what to have for snack. 

Ideas for home: 

What are compound words? – BBC Bitesize 

The ability to split a word into syllables is very important in this unit of work. Below is a link to an online lesson which has a video and 3 follow up activities. 

Counting syllables – English – Learning with BBC Bitesize – BBC Bitesize 

Practise reading and spelling the first 3 tricky words for Block 6. These are eye, even and above. 


We have been learning to name 2D shapes: circle, square, rectangle, triangle, pentagon and hexagon. We are learning to describe the properties of each shape using the vocabulary of sides and corners. We also used the vocabulary of long, short and equal sides. 

In our number work we have been learning to subtract. We are also using the terms take away, minus and equals. 

Ideas for home

What are 2D shapes? – BBC Bitesize 

Play a game of ‘Who am I?’ Give some clues about a shape and ask your child to work out which shape you are describing. 

Subtraction games online: 

Number Line Subtraction Game – Fruit Splat – Basic Operations Math – Sheppard Software 

Once you are confident you could try this game. Select Number Bonds then an appropriate level. 

Hit the Button – Quick fire maths practise for 6-11 year olds (topmarks.co.uk) 

Remember you also have a sum dog account. We have set a 2D shape challenge and an addition and subtraction challenge for you to try.  

Other areas of the curriculum 

•     We have started to think about our P2 show. This will be performed on the afternoon of Thursday 16th March and a second performance on the morning of Friday 17th March. 

•     We have been learning songs for our show. 

•     We have continued to work on the Have a Goal unit as part of Health and Wellbeing. 

•     We are enjoying gymnastics as part of our PE lessons. 

Photos of our learning (We have some photos from last week too!)

We received an important letter….guess who replied to our lovely letters!

Have a great weekend. 

Mrs de Bonrostro