Buckstone Primary School, P1 Bright Sparks - Miss Croal

P1B Reflective Friday 17.3.23

Good afternoon. We have had another busy week at school!


This week, we learned the ‘wh’ sound. This is a really tricky sound to say and hear differently from just ‘w’. I know that my own normal accent doesn’t differentiate between the 2! We put our hand in front of our face and when we say ‘wh’ we should feel our breath on our hand. In writing, we practised writing the word ‘when’ and we also found a whale, a whisk, a wheel and white paint around the room. For dictation this week, we wrote cards for a special day this weekend…

We enjoyed another new reading book this week that we took home on Thursday. Please remember to return this book on Monday! This week, we also continued our Block 2 tricky words with ‘be’ and ‘we’. Most of us still need to do more practise of writing ‘said’ from last week. We have been chanting ‘s-a-i-d said!’.

Maths and numeracy

This week, we continued with our money topic, and I have been seeing everyone individually at the teaching table to see how we are getting on with recognising coins, counting amounts and collecting amounts.  We need to remember that we count a 2p twice because it has 2 1ps in it, and we always start counting from the coin that has the most value. We have now finished our money topic, and next week we will move on to position, movement and directions.

Other Areas

This week, we continued with our gymnastics block in PE. We had a station rotation in the hall with upside down benches for balancing, a springboard to practise jumping and landing, mats for rolling and a bench leading up to the big box that we jumped off (onto a crash mat!).  We did different types of jumps this week including tuck jumps, star jumps and backwards jumps! We worked on landing safely on two feet with our knees bent.  On Thursday, we continued with Creative Dance with Mrs Conlin, focusing on changing our move when we heard a change in the music. With Mrs Conlin, we also talked about similarities and differences as this week is Neurodiversity week.

We had lots of amazing KAPLA, brick and junk creations this week, including towers, crocodiles, train stations, a rainbow telescope and a camera!

Here are some photos from our reporter on Monday, and some photos of a warm-ish Loose Parts session on Friday!

To do at home

Numeracy: recognising the numbers 1-30, counting backwards from 20 or 30, writing the ‘teen’ numbers with the 1 first and remember it’s ‘teen’ not ‘ty’, counting on with our fingers, number bonds to 10

Maths: naming 3D objects, recognising symmetrical shapes/structures, using tally marks to count items/collect data,recognising coins, which coin is worth more?, adding 1-10p coins together

Literacy: being able to write our tricky words, recognising and writing the digraphs sh, ch, th and wh.

General: being able to take off jumpers and zip up coats.

General Information

Keep all the junk coming in – it’s amazing how quickly we run out!

We have Loose Parts on Thursday next week.

Have a great weekend and I am looking forward to seeing some of you at the consultations next week,

Miss Croal