P1 Master Minds - Mrs Bailey & Mrs Munro

P1M w.c. 20 March 2023

In P1M this week:


We have started learning about consonants that go together at the end of words to make a particular sound such as rk (as in bark), nd (as in sand), st (as in mist), mp (as in lamp) and lt (as in tilt) . This week, our focus has been on rk and nd.

Our tricky words this week are ‘she’ and ‘go’ and we also looked at ‘do’.

‘I really enjoyed reading my book.’

‘I love learning new words.’

We have continued working on our reading books in class and everyone should be bringing home their book to share at some point during the week.

Things to try at home:

Continue sharing your reading book with someone at home. You might want to take turns to read the pages or you might want to read it all to someone. Talk about what is happening in the story and how characters are feeling at different points.

Use the ‘Letters and Sounds Home Learning’ sheet to help you practise our new sounds and tricky words.


This week, we were using our new sounds, along with the sounds and words we have previously learnt, to help us write about a trip to the park.

‘I like writing and learning new words.’

‘I really enjoyed drawing my picture and writing.’


We were practising writing the letter ‘a’ following the correct route this week and we were thinking about its height in relation to tall letters, such as ‘h’ or letters that go below the line, such as ‘g’.

Things to try at home:

Explain to / show someone at home how to write ‘a’ following the correct route. You could draw it in the air or actually write it down.

Numeracy and Maths

We have been working on various numeracy skills this week. Some of us have been counting short sequences forwards or backwards and some of us have been describing equal groups. We have also been looking at the different numbers we can see inside dot patterns (e.g. in four, we can see two plus another two).

‘I like counting.’

Things to try at home:

If you are playing a game involving dice, try and say what numbers you can see inside the pattern you roll. For example, if you roll a 5, then you might say,’ Four and one’.

Practising recognising numerals with this game from ‘Topmarks’. Select ‘Find a Number’.


Practise counting forwards and backwards within the 1-30 range from different starting points:

Here is a link to a song that might help:


We have been playing games to help us exercise and have also been continuing to develop our skills in gymnastics.

‘I liked jumping and doing star jumps and it helped me do some exercise.’

Loose Parts

Our next Loose Parts Play session is scheduled for Wednesday 29 March.

Health and Wellbeing

We have been using the RSHP resource to learn about privacy and personal space. Next week, we will be learning about pregnancy and will be using the book, ‘Before You Were Born’, by Jennifer Davis as the starting point for our discussions.

Other areas:

There has been lots of creativity and use of imagination in our play this week. Some of us have enjoyed painting and creating chalk pictures on the easel in the classroom and others have enjoyed role play involving flying an aeroplane. Some of us enjoy drawing and writing in our play.

‘I liked doing my book but it’s not quite finished.’

Have a lovely weekend!