P2 Different Dashes - Mrs DeBonrostro

P2D Blog 24.03.23 

Dear Parents/Carers, 

It has been lovely meeting up with you this week.

Loose parts next Tuesday, please come dress for the weather!

We hope that you have had a good week. Here is a summary of our learning. 


We have continued to learn about compound words and to use our knowledge of sounds to read and spell them.   

At home you could challenge your child to draw pictures to show the 2 elements of a compound word. Then they could write the word underneath.  

For example, they could draw rain + bow and then underneath spell the word rainbow.  

Here is a list of suggested words:  

  • blackbird  
  • firelight  
  • catfish  
  • speedboat  
  • batman  
  • daytime  
  • lipstick  
  • snowdrop  
  • hotdog  
  • starfish  

The tricky words for reading this week were: know, walk and talk. 

At parent consultations this week we gave you a copy of the tricky words (spelling) that your child is working on in class. Please practise spelling these at home.  You could use pavement chalk, paints or simply a pencil and paper to do the Look, Cover, Write, Check method.   

Reading books were sent home on Thursday. Please continue to ask your child questions about the text to check for understanding. There will be no books sent home on Thursday 30th because the following week will be the Easter holiday. 

In writing we worked on retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We are working hard on using the past tense as well as making a beginning, middle and end structure. 


We have been revisiting a range of number skills covered this term. Here are some activities you could do at home to reinforce these skills.  

  • Practise sharing out items. For example, give 3 dolls 2 cakes each.  
  • Ask your child to design a simple dot-to-dot picture. They could count in 1s, 2s, 3s or 10s.  
  • Roll a dice. What number do you add on to make 10?   

    We have also been learning to count in 3s and 4s and have enjoyed singing these songs. 

    Counting by 3s – YouTube 

    Counting by 4s – YouTube 

Remember you also have your SumDog log in details. We have set a new challenge for you to try. It is titled ‘Term 2 Number Work Revision’ and it goes live tonight!  

We have been learning about odd and even numbers.

Other areas of the curriculum 

  • We enjoyed a session of loose parts on Monday. 
  • We finished up our block of gymnastics in PE. Our main focus this week was on landing.
  • We had a great time visiting the Anderson Shelters that P7 made! ” I learned that you could sleep there” ” I learned that bombs last two hours” ” In a ar you can go into the shelter and hide” … we learned lots of things!
  • We had a great time at the P4 assembly !


Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs de Bonrostro