P1 Bright Sparks - Miss Croal

P1B Reflective Friday 31.3.23

Good afternoon!


This week, we continued with our focus on final consonant blends in words with ‘ft’ and ‘nt’.We practised writing words that end with those sounds and tried some of them for our dictation. Our reading is improving weekly, and I am so proud of everyone’s progress over this term! Reading books will continue to go home on Thursdays after the holidays.

This week, we also continued our Block 2 tricky words with ‘were and ‘there’. Most of us still need to do more practise of writing ‘said’ and ‘she’. We have been chanting ‘s-a-i-d said!’. When you have time at home, please practise reading and writing all the tricky words we have covered so far.

Maths and numeracy

This week, we continued with our position/movement topic. We went outside and hid treasure from our partners! We then had to give our partner directions to find the treasure, using language such as left turn, right turn, steps forwards and steps backwards. Some of us did very well with our lefts and rights, but please keep practising this at home!

Other Areas

This week, we had our final gymnastics lesson in PE with Mrs Conlin. We consolidated the skills we have been practising, such as balance, landing and jumping. We also finished our Creative Dance block with Mrs Conlin too. I was able to go and watch the final performance which was fantastic! We did really well at changing our movements when the music changed mood or tempo. For our pregnancy focus for RSHP, we had a very special visitor on Monday – a P1 Mummy came in with their 5 month old baby boy! We heard about what he eats, milestones and when he sleeps. We also had the chance to ask any questions we had. For RME, we learned about the Easter story and made Easter cards with a chick and an egg to show new life. We also managed to squeeze in another great Loose Parts session on Wednesday afternoon before the rain started! In the classroom this week, we had a Vets surgery! It was lovely to see the roleplay involved in this area.

To do at home

Numeracy: recognising the numbers 1-30, counting backwards from 20or 30, writing the ‘teen’ numbers with the 1 first and remember it’s ‘teen’ not ‘ty’, counting on with our fingers, number bonds to 10

Maths: naming 3D objects,recognising coins, adding 1-10p coins together, left and right

Literacy: being able to write our tricky words, recognising and writing the digraphssh, ch, th and wh.

General: being able to take off jumpers, open snacks and zip up coats.

General Information

Keep all the junk coming in – it’s amazing how quickly we run out!

We have Loose Parts on the Thursday after the Easter holidays (20thApril).

After Easter, hopefully the weather will allow us to be back outside on Monday mornings for PE.

Thank you for your continued support this term and I hope you have a lovely Easter holiday,

Miss Croal