Buckstone Primary School, P1 Bright Sparks - Miss Croal

P1B Reflective Friday 5.5.23

Good afternoon P1B!


This week, we did some revision of digraphs and final consonant blends such as sh, ch, ng and nk.

We also continued our Block 2 tricky words with ‘all’ and ‘her’. Please keep going with learning to read and write all of the tricky words we have done so far – repetition is key!

For writing, we thought about dinosaurs and had some great drawings and pieces of writing. Some of us wrote about fossils, or riding dinosaurs, or Steggy!

Maths and numeracy

This week during our Maths time, we continued with our individual National Standardised Assessments (NSA), and did some revision on time for o’clock and half past.

Other Areas

For our PE time on Thursday with Mrs Conlin, we practised our races for Sports Day. We also had a great Loose Parts session on Wednesday afternoon. Various children in the class have shown an interest in dinosaurs and fossils, so our classroom and learning this week had a ‘dino theme’. We matched dinosaur descriptions to pictures, used numicon to make a stegosaurus and found fossils, just like palaeontologists! On Friday, we talked about the King’s Coronation and the history of the event.

Here are some pictures of some of our learning in the P1 Area, courtesy of Mrs Shaw!

To do at home

Numeracy: recognising the numbers 1-30, counting backwards from 20 or 30, writing the ‘teen’ numbers with the 1 first and remember it’s ‘teen’ not ‘ty’, counting on with our fingers, number bonds to 10

Maths: naming 3D objects,adding 1-10p coins together, left and right, telling the time on an analogue clock (o’clock and half past)

Literacy: being able to write our tricky words, recognising and writing the digraphs sh, ch, th and wh.

General: being able to take off jumpers, open snacks and zip up coats.

General Information

Keep all the junk coming in – it’s amazing how quickly we run out!

Next week is Health Week! We have lots of activities planned, including Sports Day, Multisports and Simon Says Dance! Children are encouraged to come to school everyday in PE kit. We will be going out in all weathers, so would advise bringing a lightweight waterprrof! We will also be starting our My Body topic as part of the RSHP programme.

No loose parts next week.

Thank you for your continued support and have a lovely long weekend!

Miss Croal