P2 Different Dashes - Mrs DeBonrostro

PD2 Reflective Friday 5.05.23

Dear Parents/Carers,


•     Next week is Health Week so pupils are invited to wear PE kit all week.  

•     Sports Day will be held on Wednesday at the Waterboard Field from 10:30-12:00.  

•     We have a session of Loose Parts on Thursday afternoon. Please come dressed for the weather!

•     No reading books were sent home yesterday, and no books will be sent home at the end of Health week. In class we are reading poetry books but there are not enough copies to send home.  

•     Learning Stories were sent home today. Once you have read the newsletter and term 3 targets please send them back in.  

We have had a quick but very busy week! Here is a summary of our learning.


We have continued to read and spell words using the suffix -ing. For example: feel – feeling, wait – waiting.

We have been learning to read these tricky words:

•     through

•     always  

•     country

•     young

•     example

We have continued to work on our own list of common words for spelling.

We have started a unit of work on poetry. Pupils are learning to read, listen to, join in with and respond to poetry that captures sensory experiences. We have been outside to experience the weather then made a list of words and phrases to describe what we could see, hear, feel, taste and smell. We enjoyed Wind Ways by Judith Nicholls and When The Wind Blows by John Foster.

Ideas for learning at home:

Keep working on the individual list of tricky words for spelling.

Write the five tricky words for reading (above) on small pieces of paper. Hide them behind an object then slowly reveal the words one letter at a time. How quickly can your child read the word?

Here is a link to an online lesson with videos and activities which will explain more about poems and to try to learn and perform one.  

Remembering and performing a poem – BBC Bitesize



We have been rounding off our work on reading clocks. We have been reading digital o’clock and half past times. We have also been using quarter past / to on analogue clocks.  

Ideas for learning at home:

•     Please continue to practise number formation and make sure that numbers are not reversed.

•     Talk about the different times of day. For example – what time does the alarm go off in the morning? Can your child write this as a digital time?  

•     There is a Sum Dog challenge to revise some of the concepts covered this week. It goes live tonight!

Other areas of the curriculum

•     We enjoyed an outdoor learning session which linked to our unit of work on poetry.  

•     We have been preparing for Sports Day as part of our PE lessons.

•     As part of RSHP and Health and Wellbeing we are learning about where living things come from and about how they grow, develop and are nurtured. As part of this we are going to see first-hand how the butterfly life cycle works. We have some class caterpillars which we will look after until they turn into butterflies. We will then set them free outdoors!

Have a great weekend.

Mrs  de Bonrostro