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P3M 7.2.20

Hi Everyone

This is what we have been learning in P3M this week:


We have continued to focus on practising our times tables: 2,3,4, 5 and 10. We have played games, worked out problems, used the iPads and completed worksheets to help us learn.


In writing this week the children were creating  poems and continued to write and illustrate their own stories for a younger child.

In reading we answered comprehension questions on our reading books and everyone was given a poetry book to read at home and school.



The children were given the chance to save documents on the laptops



We were extremely lucky to have PC Scott and PC Rogers visit P3 to talk to the  children about their jobs. The children got the chance to ask questions as well as going into the playground to see the police vehicle. It was a very exciting visit and we are grateful to the officers for taking the time to come to speak to us.


Please remember P3 auditions are on Wednesday 19 February where two acts will be picked to go forward to the whole school auditions on Thursday 20th February.

Have a great holiday week.

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and P3M



P3M 31.1.20

Hi everyone

This week we have been learning:


We have continued to learn and practise times tables this week with a particular focus on the 3 times tables. Please refer to additional blog for ideas of games and activities to help your child with this.

We were talking about making equal groups in our SEAL groups and also recognising  numerals in the 1-100 range. Another group was counting and sequencing in the 1-100 range and adding two numbers together using the counting on method.


In order to give the us a purpose and audience for our writing we began to write a story suitable for a nursery/P1 child. We looked at some examples of story books with our learning partners and made a list together of what makes a good story. We made a plan of our own ideas thinking about a beginning, middle and end for our stories. We then began a first draft. We will transfer our stories to a booklet and illustrate them. We are hoping to read them to the nursery/P1 children after the February break.

In reading we have been looking at poetry and we worked together to think of words which rhyme with our names. We used these rhymes to create poems of our own.

Spelling focus was on magic e words with an I in the middle. We talked about the spelling activity which best helped them to learn their words. We finish the week with dictation.


The children were split into learning teams across the school and on Monday afternoon they participated in the activity they had chosen. Please ask your child about their chosen activity.


We were looking at saving documents to a folder.


NYCoS (external visitor) We were developing our understanding of rhythm and pulse.


This week we were practising some Scottish country dancing.


We recapped on the weather phrases we had been learning before Christmas and worked in a group to make up a mime which would show our given phrase.


We spoke about the health and wellbeing indicators and thought about the things that are done at school and home to make sure we are safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active,  responsible, respected and included.


P3 will be holding auditions for anyone in P3 who would like to go through to the Buckstone’s Got Talent competition. The auditions will take place on Wednesday 19 February and following on from this audition  two acts from P3 will take part in the whole school audition on Thursday 20 February. The acts can be dancing, singing, telling jokes, reciting poems, magic, juggling or any other skill or talent the child would like to share.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and P3M

P3M 24.1.20

Good afternoon everyone.

This is what P3M have been learning this week:


In our SEAL groups we have been talking about and making equal groups. Some children have been counting and sequencing in the 1-100 range. Our mental maths activities have focused on the 2 and 5 times tables. Please see additional blog for suggestions of activities you could try with your child.


This week we have been talking about the life and work of Robert Burns. We have looked at some Scottish words and listened to each other recite the poems they have learned. Well done to everyone who learned a Scottish poem.

Our writing activity involved using the character we had created last week to write about an adventure they might have. We are trying to use adjectives and interesting vocabulary in our writing.

Spelling and reading activities as normal.


In gymnastics we were thinking about balance using different parts of the body.


NYCoS-We were developing our understanding of rhythm and pulse.


We were learning to open and resize applications.


We talked about the work of the police service and spoke about which people could help us in specific situations.


We really enjoyed watching and listening to all the performers during our Scottish assembly, thanks to everyone who took part.


The postponed Christmas fair will now take place on Saturday the 22nd February. Thank you to everyone who has already donated to the p3 hamper. Any other donations would be gratefully received – the P3 hamper has a Scottish theme.

Apologies- I forgot to send our learning stories out today. The children will bring them home on Monday 27.1.20

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and P3M

P3M 17.1.20

Hi everyone and Happy New Year


In our SEAL groups we have been looking at features of multiplication : describing equal shares, organising equal shares, determining the number of equal groups. Our focus in mental maths has been the 2, times tabls and we will continue to practise this  next week.


Our focus in reading for the next few week is to identify features of poetry. We will be looking at Scottish words and poetry  next week and encouraging the children to recite some poetry. (See separate blog)

All children have been given new reading books.

We are trying to use adjectives in our writing this term and created our own  characters who could be a member of the Midnight Gang, our class novel.  We tried to describe the character’s appearance and personality.

Please see separate blog for details of the spelling words we have been focusing on this week.


Our PE days are Mondays and Wednesdays and we will be doing gymnastics.


On Tuesday afternoons Mary from NYCos  is exploring different features of music with P3. This week the class were learning songs using clapping and stamping to explore rhythm.


Our topic for the next few weeks will be the emergency services. If there are any parents/family members who work in this area and would be willing to share their experiences with P3, we would be delighted to hear from you.


We were learning to use a trackpad.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and P3M

P3M 20.12.19

Hi Everyone

A huge thank you to everyone who came to our carol concert yesterday. It was lovely to see so many families there. The children sang their hearts out and we were so proud of them.

We raised £137 for Guide Dogs- a massive thank you to everyone who contributed.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very happy 2020.

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and P3M

P3M 13.12.19

Dear Parents

The carol concert is Thursday 19 December NOT 19 January as stated in last week’s blog. Apologies everyone.


In mental maths we have been counting in 3s and 4s in preparation for work on times tables.

We have been talking about directions and following instructions to arrive at given points on a grid using left and right/ forwards and backwards/clockwise and anticlockwise.


We finished our reading books and discussed them in our groups. We devised comic strips using the storyline.


We practised hockey skills.


We really enjoyed our trip to the Dominion and even though some of us found the film a little scary we thought it was very funny too.



We were all very excited to welcome Cheryl and Tommy to Buckstone PS. We learned all about the life of a guide dog puppy and how important they are to the person they assist.

This was Tommy’s first experience of a room full of children and the children behaved very well. They remained calm and quiet throughout the visit and we were very proud of them.

Enjoy the weekend.

Mrs Munro, Mrs  Bailey and P3M

P3M 6.12.19

A busy week with a variety of different activities.


We spent time this week reflecting on term one. Your child will bring his/her learning story home with them today for you to share their learning with them.


Reading books will be collected in on Tuesday 10 December, no new school reading books issued until the new term.


We continued to practise badminton skills.


We listened and responded to the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.


We had an exciting trip to Boroughmuir High School where the third year drama students had devised a panto loosely based on The Nutcracker. The children really  enjoyed the light hearted show and were excited to see the high school. Their behaviour on the trip was excellent and we were very proud of them.


The class loved watching Primary One’s Nativity. They enjoyed the lovely songs, costumes and super narration.


Please remember our carol concert on Thursday 19 January at 2.30pm in the new hall. The children have been practising and are hoping to raise money for the  Guide Dogs charity.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and P3M

P3M 5.12.19

Hi everyone

This week we have been learning:


We have continued to learn about time, reading quarter to and quarter past on digital and analogue clocks.

This is challenging for many children, please help your child by talking about the time as part of your daily routine. Please see the class home learning blog for ideas of games to play at home.

We revised the  months of the year and linked them to the seasons.


We have completed two pieces of writing this week. The first piece was an imaginative story- to write a new adventure for Clara and the Nutcracker Prince. The second piece was personal writing – the children were asked to write about their favourite part of Christmas.


The children were listening and responding to Tchaikovsky’s Trepak. They used dance and percussion instruments to keep  the correct rhythm.


Children were developing their skills needed for badminton.


The children created a hanging decoration using three colours.


We revised the weather phrases we knew and looked at the work of Claude Monet. We talked about which French weather phrase would suit each painting.


Here are the songs we will be singing, please help your child to learn the words.

Starry Night

First Noel

Drummer Boy

Away in a Manger

Joy to the World


We were planning on having a chocolate calendar in the classroom and giving the children a turn of opening the window. Please speak to Mrs Bailey on Monday if there are any problems with this.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and P3M

P3M 22.11.19

Hi Everyone

This is what we have been learning this week.


We have been learning about time this week. We spoke about what time is and talked about the seasons, months and days of the week and linked them to hours in a day. We discussed why it is important to tell the time and thought about real life examples of this. We recapped on what they could remember learning in P2 and went over how to read o’clock and half past. We discussed am, pm, earlier, later and spoke about 24 hour notation. We have gone on to learn about quarter to and quarter past on digital and analogue clocks and will be continuing with this next week.



We have continued to enjoy the children’s book talks and the variety of books they have chosen to speak about.

The children completed a piece of imaginative  writing this week. The subject was Greyfriar’s Bobby and what might have happened if he had sneaked out of his house and started exploring Edinburgh. As well as focusing on punctuation and spelling we were trying to think of a beginning, middle, end and use describing words to make our story more interesting.


As part of our topic on homes and our local environment the children began to build their own houses using junk. We spoke about different types of houses and what they are called and the children identified the kind of house that they lived in. They drew a plan of their house first and chose the best materials for their design and explained why they had chosen them. They had to share the resources with their classmates and use problem solving skills to find ways of joining materials together and making their structure stable. The children were very engaged with this activity and tried very hard even though it was challenging at times. There will be an opportunity to finish their houses next week.

We were extremely fortunate to have a visit from Mrs Carter an archaeologist who spoke to the children about Buckstone 100, 500 and 2,000 years ago. This is what the children thought about her visit.

‘I learned a lot about the picts’

‘I loved looking at the stones’

‘I like the activities’

‘I found it really interesting’



We have been practising songs to perform at our carol concert on December 19th. We are raising money to help the Guide Dog charity .


Next week we will be accepting donations for our Christmas Fair hamper, our theme is Scotland.


Thanks so much for all the donations of tissues, we are nearly running out. Further donations of tissues gratefully received.

Have a lovely weekend.

P3M, Mrs Munro and Mrs Bailey


P3M 15.11.19

Hi Everyone

Apologies for giving everyone the wrong information, the Children in Need Bake Sale was on Friday 15 November and not Thursday 14 as I told the class.

We have an Edinburgh University student teacher with the class until 11th December  . Her name is Yifan Thomson.


This week we have been looking at different subtraction strategies. Please see the home learning blog for ideas to support your child with this.

Next week we will be looking at time.


We wrote sentences to describe Edinburgh castle using punctuation and finger spaces. We were trying to use connectives (because, but, and, so, then) and adjectives to make our writing more interesting.

We have really enjoyed listening to everybody’s talks about their favourite books. Lovely to see the wide variety of books and witness the children’s enthusiasm for reading.  We haven’t managed to listen to everyone but we will continue with this next week.

In handwriting we practised forming the letters f j and g. Some of the children found this quite challenging but everyone tried really hard. Keep practising!

PE- Ball Skills

We were practising controlling the ball by dribbling using our hands and feet.


This week was anti- bullying week, we discussed what bullying actually means and watched a couple of short films which showed different school scenarios. We finished by saying something kind about the person sitting next to us and as a class decided that we would #choosekindness. Please read through the guide in your child’s purple folder.


We revised our weather phrases from last week and thought of  a mime for each one to help us remember.

Have a good weekend.

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and P3M