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Buckstone ‘Social Bite- Wee Sleep Out’

A massive well done to all who took part in the sleep out last night. We have raised the following total at time of going to press-


Total raised so far £2,288.00

Target £100.00

Total plus Gift Aid: £2,771.25

Raised offline: £0.00

We want to push on to the £3000 mark, so helping homeless people and raising awareness of their plight.

See blogs below which were created by pupils-


Social bite wee sleepout

Social bite are a charity who help raise awareness for homelessness.p6  have done a sleepout in the gym hall it happened on Thursday 5th December .In the morning  we were very tired!!!  if you would like to donate it would be great. If you wouldn’t like to donate please pass the message on. here is the website for donating click here to donate !              social bite came to our sleepover and talked to us about homelessness and she handed out badges and balloons !!!    it was a great night !!


To support the charity of social bite wee did a wee sleep out so with out further a do Welcome to Buckstone primary’s wee sleep out. This is a hyperlink to the donation page for Social Bite to help end  homelessness. 

Buckstone ‘Wee Sleep out’




P6 Wee Sleep Out

What a wonderful night we had last night. A fantastic cause and an enormous amount of support from family and friends. Thank you so much for all your donations and thank you to our wonderful P6’s for taking part in a great event! We even had a special visitor –

Alice (co-founder of SOCIAL BITE)

Please find the link above should you wish to donate . . .

Finally, thank you to ALL the adults who helped to make this happen. Your kindness and hard work is much appreciated.

P6F Reflective Friday 6.11.19


In Maths this week we have been working on our number machines, as well as making our own, which we can use to help us create our own questions.

Mrs Walker came and taught us more algebra where she began to show us how to find an unknown value. This really tested our 4 operations: addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.


We have began to look at persuasive writing through note taking persuasive words and phrases. We also began to talk about for and against arguments which we discussed around the issue of the 4-part Christmas.

Additionally, we have been working on our spelling by creating our own snakes and ladders board games. This tested how well we knew our spelling words, as well as, allowing us to be creative.

Other Curriculum Areas-

Drama- This week, we began to learn about props and the different uses they could have in our drama piece, for example: a tea towel became our  superhero cape.

German- With Sabrina we have been learning about advent in Germany. This is different to our traditions as each Sunday of December they light a candle, which represents the countdown to Christmas

Social Studies- We have been continuing to practice our capital cities of countries in Europe, in preparation for the Euro Quiz 2020. This has tested our memory skills.

Home Learning Options: 

  • Sumdog
  • Transum
  • Practice our spelling by making a board game at home.
  • Continue practicing your capital cities of countries in Europe.

P6F have reflected on their on their sleep out last night, by writing our own diary entries. Here are a few wonderful examples:

Dear Diary, 

Thursday 5th December 2019, was the sleep out! I brought my: favourite teddy bear; cozy elf slippers; warm dressing gown; old sleeping bag and mat; pillow and all the things you needed. Everyone was ready for the social bite people to come in. Mr Mceesick gathered us around, moments later Alice Thompson stepped through and then we talked about Social Bite. Then we climbed in to our beds and did the fire drill and got a biscuit, they were lovely. Mr Mceesick read us a story about his childhood and finally, we went to bed. 


Dear, Diary, 

Last night was a very exciting night, P6 did a wee sleep out. It was held in the new hall. We set up our airbeds and then we had a visitor. Her name was Alice, she started Social Bite in 2012 along with Josh little Jon. They are making 830 homes for people and have already moved a fifth off the streets. After she came we did a quiz on Christmas. We then had a biscuit and heard a story. Finally, it was time to go to sleep… 

In the morning we packed all our stuff and then we got collected. 

The total we raised was £2700 but it’s still going up!



P6F Reflective Friday 29.11.19


We had a visit from Ms Walker who work in Boroughmuir High School and she began to teach us algebra, starting with number machines. We had to use our knowledge of the four operations to find our end product.

In the latter part of the week we created time board games, which we hope to share with our younger years.


To practice our spelling this week, we have been making our own Active Spelling Cards, which worked on our imagination skills. As well as allowing us to spell in a fun way.

We have been working on our picture books, by writing our own Newspaper articles and diary entries.

Other Curriculum Areas-

We have been practicing our capital cities in Europe in preparation for the Euro Quiz 2020.

In Drama, we have been working on our improvising skills, by using a stimulus to create a piece of drama.

We have also had a German visitor who taught us numbers and greetings which we used for a game of bingo.


Home Learning Options: 

  • Transum- practicing our 4 operations
  • Sumdog
  • Practice cursive handwriting
  • Maths Frame
  • Practice our capital cities.