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Goodbye to an amazing class

Hello P6M/ P7F.

Just in case you missed the class meeting here are a few words from me (you know I am never short of a few words). It has been such an enormous pleasure to be your teacher this year. It has been so wonderful to arrive at work each day and be welcomed by such a fun, thoughtful and positive group of students. You have challenged yourselves at every turn to be the very best you can be. You have also shown dedication and resilience during the lockdown that nobody wanted or saw coming.

I have been so impressed by your work ethic and enthusiasm during difficult times. Equally, I have been impressed at how you have supported each other. Truly, you have been an amazing class and always will be.

Looking forward to next year you will be a super P7 and Miss Fotheringham was rightly delighted when she knew that you were her new class. I was pleased too when I heard that Miss Fotheringham would be your new teacher. You will achieve great things together.

Until then, enjoy a well earned summer holiday. May the sun shine and everybody take care and be safe.

Mr M

Hello the New P6M!

Dear P6M

Good morning everyone. I am delighted to be your new class teacher for 2020-2021. Please find attached activities for your transition day.

There will be a choice of two class meetings on Teams: 10:10 am and 1:10 pm. Please let me know your preference by messaging me on Teams. You can also have a think about questions you would like to ask me about the next school session. Please only attend one meeting.

Each meeting will last for approximately 20 minutes. Please have pencil and paper handy as we might do a short quiz.

David Hockney Landscape Assignment

Emoji Code breaking

Football Maths Mystery Game

How to create a Lockdown Memory Word Art

Letter to Teacher

Maths Mystery Instructions

Preparing for Primary 6

Word Art instructions

Please complete at least 5 activities from the list. Please note everyone must complete the ‘Letter to Teacher’ and ‘Preparing for Primary 6’ activities.

I look forward to meeting you later.

Kind regards

Mr McKeesick

Friday 12th June- Beach comes to Buckstone

Beach Comes to Buckstone

On Friday 12th June we are having a whole school focus around summer activities and the beach. On this day, the learning will be posted for the whole school (on individual class blogs) at 9am and we ask the pupils to dress in their shorts and shades. Please feel free to take photos and share these with us through the admin account. More whole school focus dates to follow over the next few of weeks.

Virtual Hub Games- Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Normally Active Schools hosts a huge P6 Athletics Event for P6 pupils in the summer term. This won’t be held this year due to the pandemic. The good news is we can have a Virtual Hub Games. Children will be taking part across Edinburgh on Wednesday 3rd June. Please see attachment and links for details of event, how to take part & how to share your achievements. It looks like a lot of fun & great way to keep fit.


If you want to share your achievements with me then submit one document (which can contain several photos if you wish) on Assignments.


Please note this will replace normal learning activities on Wednesday. Please note you don’t have to complete everything on Wednesday and flexibility is key.

Games @ The Hub 2020 Event InformationGames @ The Hub 2020 Event InformationGames at the hub 2020