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P5M Learning Together At Home 20.05.20

Good afternoon P5M,

It looks as though we are going to have a lovely sunny afternoon.  Yesterday I took my children out for a walk in their wellies and they had great fun splashing in the muddy puddles. The cleaning up afterwards wasn’t nearly as much fun though!! I’d love to hear how you have been getting on via teams. I’ll be available to chat at various points throughout today.

Today is Wellbeing Wednesday so remember that you can click on the ‘School News’ tab on the website to read Mrs Conlin’s blog post. This week it is on Strategy Five: Talk Things Over.

I have reattached the information for the personal project as well as the science grid so that they are easy for you to find. You will also find your literacy and maths tasks below.

Have a great day,

Mrs McFarlane

P5 Personal Project


P5M 20.05.20

Speech Marks Worksheet

Speech Marks ANSWERS

PPM 219 Units Of Measure

P5M Learning Together At Home 15.05.20

Good afternoon P5M,

I hope you have enjoyed this week.  At home, my little girl loves acting out stories and films at the moment. We are having lots of fun playing at being different characters. It reminded me that I haven’t given you a drama game to try for a few weeks. This one might be fun to play today or over the weekend with your family.

Word at a Time Story

This is a great game to help with focus and teamwork. While facing each other or seated in a circle, the first player says a single word to begin the story. Progressing through the circle, the person on the left says the next word, and so on. The aim is to tell a comprehensive story through only one word exchanges. You could use a theme for the story such as ‘The best birthday ever’ or ‘A day at the beach’. The story must make sense; you are building sentences, not randomly throwing in funny words to try and get a laugh – although the story probably will be funny!

A variation of this game, if using just one word is too tricky, is that you could allow each player to say up to a maximum of 5 words to make the story flow better, this can also provide some interesting cliffhangers too.

You might also like to try these crafts which your Mandarin teacher, Mrs Fishwick, has provided us with.



Here are your Literacy and Maths tasks for today. I will be on teams as usual to answer any of your questions.

Mrs McFarlane

P5M 15.05.20

Shiny London Trip

Sparkly London Trip

Glittery Hogwarts Express

P5 Spelling Grid WB 11.05.20

Cursive Letter Formation

Reflective Friday 15.5.20

P5M Learning Together At Home 14.05.20

Good afternoon P5M.

I hope you enjoyed the Circus Theme for yesterday’s blog. I would love to hear about anything you did when we chat on teams later. Health Week will still run for today and tomorrow so here is the grid again for you to look at.

Health week grid

Here are your Literacy and Maths tasks for today.

Mrs McFarlane

P5M 14.05.20

Shiny TV Schedule with answers

Sparkly TV Guide with answers

Glittery TV Schedule with answers

Theme Park

P5 Spelling Grid WB 11.05.20

P5M Learning Together At Home 13.05.20

Good afternoon P5M. As today would have been Sports Day for all the classes across the school, we have decided that learning today will focus on being active, trying something new and developing skills. There will not be the usual Literacy and Maths tasks posted today.  Instead, Mrs Conlin has prepared these circus themed activities. I hope you enjoy them! I will be on teams to talk to you throughout the day.

Mrs McFarlane

Circus Skills Day

We hope that you are all enjoying the Health Week activities that were shared with you on Monday. As today would have been Sports Day for all the classes across the school, we have decided that learning today will focus on being active, trying something new and developing skills. Choose two or three ideas to try. You may get time outside to practise, you may have to practise indoors, you may only have a small amount of time, you may have all afternoon..don’t worry, just go with what works for you and your family.

Here are some ideas:


Juggling – against a wall or in the air             Diablo spinning           Skipping – try doing different tricks with one short rope or as a family group using one long rope          Acrobatics          Balancing            Baton twirling              Hoola Hooping- try using two hoops at a time    Yo-Yo tricks        Mime

Hand Walking – how far can you go?             Puppetry             Elastics – use elastic bands                  Magic tricks – loads of ideas online        Trampolining Ventriloquism    Stilt walking       Being the Ringmaster           Clown makeup              Strength testing            Hat Manipulation – look it up!


You will have lots of your own ideas. Be creative – if you don’t have juggling balls, what could you use instead? Just check with an adult first!

Put on a show for your family. Plan a circus event with your brothers and sisters with your parents as the audience. Maybe an adult in your home could showcase their special talent. Make invitations.

We look forward to seeing and hearing all about your new circus skills so let us know how you got on. If you have time send us a photo or write about it.

Whatever you choose to do, have fun and enjoy a different kind of Sports Day!

P5M Learning Together At Home 07.05.20

Good afternoon P5M,

I hope you are all well. I have been doing lots of gardening in the sunshine with my two little helpers! I hope that you have been able to enjoy the lovely sunshine too.

Tomorrow is the 75th anniversary of VE day. It is important that we commemorate the end of the Second World War in Europe.  There will be special programmes on television and here are some fun activities you might like to do at home.

Code Cracking

Medal Design

Spitfire Glider Activity Paper Craft

Your writing task today is also based on VE day. Below you will find the links for today’s literacy and maths tasks.

P5M 07.05.20

P5 Spelling Grid WB 05.05.20

WAGOLL Charlotte’s Web Wilbur

I will be available to answer any of your questions on teams throughout the day.

Remember tomorrow is a holiday and therefore there will be no blog. Mrs Nicholson will upload more learning tasks for you on Monday at the usual time.

Mrs McFarlane

P5M Learning Together At Home 06.05.20

Good afternoon P5M,

Today is Wellbeing Wednesday. If you visit the School News part of the website you can find details for today’s whole school activity.

Optional Personal Project

This term we had planned to history topic in school. Due to current circumstances, the P5 team thought it would be best to let you carry this out as a personal project at home. Here is a document explaining everything you need to know. If anyone would like to share their project, please add it to the folder within teams or email it to me by 12th June.

P5 Personal Project

Here are your literacy and maths tasks for today.

P5M 06.05.20

A Day Out

Train Timetables

P5 Spelling Grid WB 05.05.20

Speech Marks Introduction

Speech Marks SC Poster

I will be on teams as usual to answer any of your questions.

Mrs McFarlane

P5M Learning Together At Home

Good afternoon P5M,

I hope you are having a good week so far.

The weather does not look too good today so I thought you might enjoy this fun drama game which you could play inside. If you have siblings you could try to lead this game with them. If not, you could try to involve the adults at home!

The game is called Fortunately – Unfortunately. It can be played with 2 or more people (although an odd number works particularly well as the sentence starter changes each time).

  • Gather your players in a circle. Discuss the meaning of the words ‘fortunately’ and ‘unfortunately’.
  • Choose someone to start with a story opener of their own e.g. ‘Once upon a time there was a dragon that lived in a cave’ or ‘There once was a lonely green alien on planet Zog….’
  • The next player then has to follow on the story with a sentence starting with ‘Fortunately…….’
  • The next player follows the story with a sentence starting with ‘Unfortunately……’ and so on.
  • Continue until the ideas run dry and then begin again with a new opening line.
  • You could develop this game by each player adding actions or funny voices as you play.

Here is a Powerpoint and activity grid for you to work on your PE skills throughout this term.



Below you will find the links to today’s literacy and maths tasks. I am working in the hub this afternoon so unfortunately won’t be able to chat to you on teams today. Look forward to catching up with you on Wednesday of next week though.

Mrs McFarlane

P5M 30.04.20

Spelling WB 27.04.20


Shiny Time Estimates 2

Going to the movies

Passing Time

P5M Learning Together At Home 29.04.20

Good afternoon P5M,

I hope that you are managing with the strange learning situation we are in just now. It can be a bit funny working from home; I find that there are more distractions. I wonder if you feel the same?

Some worksheets we have been setting have answer sheets for you to check yourself but lots of activities (for example the spelling tasks) will be unmarked.  If the adults at home would like to look over your work, you should let them. I know it can be different receiving feedback from parents (my little girl would rather her teacher corrected her than me!); but they might notice a mistake you are making and be able to help you improve.

Wellbeing Wednesday

Being resilient at this time is really important. Each Wednesday Mrs Conlin will be revisiting one of the strategies from the Building Resilience whole school programme. If you would like to take part in Wellbeing Wednesday visit the School News part of the website.

As always, I am happy to answer any of your questions on teams at various points today.

Below, you will find the links to today’s learning tasks.

Have a good day,

Mrs McFarlane

P5M 29.04.20

Spelling WB 27.04.20

Shiny Time Estimates

5 on the clock


P5M Learning Together At Home 24.04.20

Good afternoon P5M.

I hope you are all well and that you enjoyed doing some of the activities I posted yesterday.


Mrs Fishwick has provided us with some tasks for Mandarin if you would like to work on this at home.

  • Think back to your work on colours…here is a game (if you can print off) or use simply a reference point.


  • Here is the powerpoint that you were working on, as well as a clip to help with the pronunciation.


Literacy/Health and Wellbeing/Maths

Here are your tasks for today.

P5M 24.04.20

Reflective Friday 24.04.20

Cursive Letter Formation

Shiny Calendar Worksheet

Glittery Calendar Worksheet

Please let me know if you need any help with anything.  I will be on Teams at various points throughout the day to answer any of your questions.

Mrs McFarlane