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RSS Feeds from Buckstone Primary Website

The Buckstone website is designed with 2 types of content.

  • Static information – commonly known as pages
  • Dynamic information – commonly known as a blog or posts

Static Information

Pages in this section include: Our School, About Us, Information, Contact/Find Us.

These are pages where the content does not change often.

Dynamic Information (Posting)

These pages are similar to ‘News’ – they provide updates on events occurring at the school.

They include: School News, Home Link News, School Lunches, Broomlee & Lagganlia postings and postings made by a class- Blog, Home Learning & News.

It is possible using RSS feeds to receive a message to indicate that a posting has recently been made.rss-feed

Unfortunately WordPress only provide the option to subscribe to ALL postings made on the website – this is in the right hand tool bar.

Fortunately there are a variety of applications available which you can subscribe to which will allow you to easily check if new postings have been made for a particular piece of news you are interested in following.

For example if you want to receive details on the postings made about school lunch or home link it is possible to get an automatic notification sent to you. Instructions have been created from two providers, there are others and please feel free to feedback if you find an application which you find works well for you.

Instructions have been created to show RSS Feeds to your:

  • Laptop via the browser – Firefox
  • Smartphone via an App.

Happy Reading


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