Do not send your site live until you have edited or deleted every single page of this template.

Remember to check the Schools on the Web pages on the Orb for the website guidelines and useful advice and resources.

This is the front page template. It uses two footer widget areas and no side bar.

You could choose the default template, which uses the side bar and no footer area.

You can change which template a page uses in the Page Attributes box to the right when you are editing a page.

This is an example of a static front page. You could choose to have your front page as a blog roll.

If you choose to have your front page as a blog, you should delete all content from Home and delete the page News.

If you choose to have no blog page you should delete the page News and ensure your settings are correct for this.

Read how to change your front page.

Blog roll on the front page

This would only be suitable if you could commit to keeping this up to date. This means posting a new update a least once a month.

You should also be aware that the latest news item posted will be the first impression of your site – and, in some cases, school – for many visitors, if you choose to use a blog roll.

You can see a blog roll on the news page.


Your menu is created automatically. All pages you publish are visible. You determine the page order and structure using the Page Attributes found to the right of your editor when in a page. Read about WordPress menus on the Orb or on WordPress support.

If you would like to hidden pages from the menu, or otherwise have greater control over the menu, you can, by simply creating a custom menu. It requires time, effort and greater user intervention, but there are many benefits.

Read about custom menus on WordPress support.

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