Set Up New User

Historically we have found this to be a problem. By following this procedure all seems to work.

  • Sign on with Admin user account – admin@buckstone.edin.sch.uk, or a user with Admin functionality.
  • On the Dashboard find, Users/Invite New – add the new user (use email account) with Role = “Author” (email format – 1stname.2ndname@buckstone.edin.sch.uk)
  • This will send an email to the user inviting them to join.
  • DO NOT accept the invitation.
  • First follow the link in the email to create a wordpress login – username = “cec9876543” (cec pay no.) User names are “cec” for city edinburgh council followed by the pay number
  • This MAY send an email to confirm the user – which you agree to. This does not always occur but no worries, it seems to allow you to move to the next stage.
  • Return to the first email and Accept the Invitation (do not log out of wordpress)
  • This will then show up on the user list as user has accepted the invitation
  • Edit the User profile so “Public Display Name” is Staff..999, where 999 is the last 3 digits of the pay number.