P2/3 Reflective Friday Week Beginning 31st August

Another busy week of learning in the Golden Treasures class!

Important information:

Next week we will start reading in class/at home.  Books will be sent home on a Monday, brought to school every day (please!) and returned to school on a Thursday.  This is really important, particularly this term, as the books need a 72 hour quarantine period before they can be used by a different class.

We will not be sending home reading records at the moment. On a Monday the blog will be updated with any information you may require for reading.  It may be the case that your child is sent home with a book that they have not started to read yet so it is vital that the books are in school every day for reading groups to be heard and so that your child can take part in tasks linked to their book.

Below is a practical guide to helping your child with their reading at home.

Home Reading Guide For Parents-Carers

PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays will take place outdoors.  Please continue to come to school on these days dressed for outdoor PE.


  • practising our tricky words from Block 1 and 2- reading and writing
  • P2s- revising the sounds sh, ch, th and wh
  • P3s- using initial consonant blends to spell words correctly
  • retelling the story of Silly Billy aloud in our own words to our learning partners and sequencing the story using picture cards
  • writing some simple sentences as part of our morning challenges
  • practising our letter formation and handwriting skills
  • writing and drawing about The Twits

Ideas for home learning

  • finding tricky words/sounds/spelling patterns in books, newspapers or magazines
  • reading aloud to your child as much as you can and getting them to read to you if they can
  • retelling a simple story to you in their own words
  • practising handwriting together at home

Here are the tricky words in case you need them


and the P3 spelling words we have worked on

P3 Spelling week 2

Numeracy and Maths

  • saying numbers sequences forwards and backwards from a variety of starting points
  • identifying numbers on a number line/100 square and saying the number before and after
  • identifying missing numbers in a sequence
  • practising number formation, particularly getting our numbers the right way around
  • practising number bonds to 10
  • using tally charts and making own pictograms

Ideas for home learning

  • practising counting together for example, “Can you count up from 12 to 25?  How about backwards from 25 to 12?”  Use a variety of numbers that your child is comfortable with.
  • listen to and join in with this fun song about counting to 100

Jack Hartmann count to 100

  • practising number formation on paper, in sand, using play-doh, on a whiteboard, using apps- you choose!

Other Areas

  • Outdoor PE- fitness circuits and running
  • Learning through play in the classroom
  • Outdoor learning- inventing our own new games to play outside
  • Naming our new tables- we are now the Mega Meerkats, Diving Dolphins, Speedy Sharks and Playing Puppies- do you like our names?

What we enjoyed this week:

“I enjoyed playing with the blocks during learning through play time.” Emma

“Drawing!” Callum

“I liked tidying up!” Ruari

“I liked playing the new games of ‘tig’ that we invented.” Angus

“I liked playing with the dinosaurs.” Andrey

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Tweedie and Mrs Graham