P2M Magic Monkeys 04.09.2020

Hello Magic Monkeys and Happy Friday!

We have had another super week of learning! The children have really settled well

In literacy we have covered:

  • Single sounds of the alphabet
  • Sounding out/blending/spelling CVC words
  • Re-cap of sounding out and blending
  • Digraphs (sh, ch, wh, th)
  • Spelling words with middle sounds (a,e,i,o,u) independently
  • Spelling words with digraph sounds (ch, sh, wh, th) independently
  • We played digraph bingo and even had some prizes!
  • Letter formation
  • Reading assessments
  • Reading Groups – in class

In Numeracy we have covered:

  • Recognising numbers to 30
  • Ordering numbers to 30
  • Numbers bonds to 10
  • Addition to 10, 20 and 30
  • Chilli Challenge addition
  • Number formation


  • Fitness – circuits outside (high knees, shuttle runs, jogging, step ups, lunges)

Morning Starters:

  • Monday – Weekend Whiteboard
  • Tuesday – Literacy Activity
  • Wednesday – Learning Partner activity
  • Thursday – Numeracy activity
  • Friday – Music activity

Something I have learned this week:

Writing about the weekend – Lily

Playing with the popcorn and finding the letters we have been learning – Zoe

I’ve been in my reading group – Scarlett

I’ve been learning lots of sounds – Beth

Addition calculations – Mahdis

I like doing number bonds – Max

I like doing reading groups – Lewis

I like writing – Jack

I like the chilli challenge – Hannah


  • Home reading will start on Monday (07.09.2020)
  • A new book will come home on a Monday and be collected on a Thursday – This will allow us to “quarantine” the books over the weekend and swap them with other groups/classes.
  • Reading should come to school everyday – please use your child’s purple folder to transport reading books to and from school. Books will stay in these folders and only come out at your child’s reading time
  • I have set up new groups based on in-class assessments – these groups are fluid.
  • Please don’t be alarmed or worried if your child moves groups – changes are only made in order to support your child’s individual development.
  • I will re-assess reading over the next few weeks and make any changes/swaps necessary.
  • I have attached an “at home reading guide” to support you at home – a paper copy will also be sent home on Monday with your child’d first book.
  • At Home Reading Guide: Reading With Your Child at Home
  • There will be no reading log book sent home – any reading Information you need will be posted on the class blog.
  • Please refer to the “at home reading guide” to support you with reading at home.
  • Child specific information will be emailed via the Office Admin account.

Extra Information 

  • P.E is outside –  we are trying our best to work with new guidelines re Covid-19 and deliver quality P.E.
  • Windows are open in the classroom from 07.30 – 15.00. They are closed at the end of the day so we can be organised for home time.
  • Once we are more settled I will start to put photographs of our learning on the blog – at the moment with limited time in school this isn’t possible. We do have some super photo on our classroom display!
  • Please label all items of school uniform as we don’t have access to a lost property box – thank you.

Have a lovely weekend – have fun and stay safe,

Miss McGhee