P7H – 4.9.20

Reflective Friday 4.9.20 Eilidh F, Katie, Fergus, Korey, Hazel and Emily 


This week in spelling we looked at the sound ‘eigh’ and chose a spelling task from the activities grid.  

We also worked on Kensuke’s kingdom, our class novel, on how important Stella Artois the dog is and how if Michael hadn’t had to rescue stella they wouldn’t have fall in the ocean. 

We looked at up levelling our sentences with fronted adverbials and we also upgraded our vcop and added in clauses using commas.  


This week we learnt about decimal scales on a number line. We learnt about the place value of tenths and hundredths. 

We also did triangles we had to draw the exact measurement’s with protractors and rulers. We did numeracy ninja. We revised rounding numbers up and down.  


In topic we were learning about how earthquakes happen. We did research on some of the latest earthquakes and how it affected people.  

In pe we were doing circuits here are some e.g. running, star jumps, wall sits and hopscotch.  

In RME we were learning all about different creation story’s like the Hindu and the Cristian. 

We were still practicing numbers up to 20 in French. 

Andy Goldsworthy is a popular artist, and he LOVES nature, and we played a game. you get sticks close your eyes and feel the sticks put them in the pile and open your eyes and guess which stick you felt. 

What we enjoyed 

French bingo was a lot of fun. 

Art with sticks was fun we had to collect lots of sticks and blindfolded ourselves. Then our partner gave us a stick and we had to feel it then are partner would take the stick out of in the other partners hands and put it with the other sticks. The partner would open their eyes and guess which one was the stick they were holding. 

Next steps/home learning      

You could ask your mum or dad to test you on your spelling words for the week. 

You could get someone to test you on your tables 

You could practice your division to help you with times tables.