P7H – 11.12.20

Reflective Friday – 11.12.20


  • This week we did our Literacy Circle Tasks. One of the tasks we have is ‘you’re hired’. For this task we have to think of a job that the character might like and the reasons why they would be good at it. Another is Literacy Luminary, you have to choose a paragraph in the book that you read and discuss it with your group thinking about vocabulary and what they are trying to do to ‘bring you into’ the book. A third job is Character Symbolisation, you have to draw aspects of the character around the character image.
  • Writing – We have been using the Kevin the Carrot advert to start writing a diary. Some of the aspects of diary writing we looked at were using the correct punctuation, writing in first person, using informal language and writing how you would write – not the queen!

Numeracy/ Maths

In maths this week we have been looking at drawing triangles accurately. First of all we learned how to draw them with one angle and two lengths given to us and then we looked at how to do them when given two angles and one edge length.

With Miss Collyns we tried out some word problems using formal multiplication methods (chimney sums).


  • In PE we did a game where there are beanbags in the middle and you take them back to your hoop. Once they are all gone you then steal from other hoops. We started to defend our hoops which made it harder.
  • In German we learned about how Germans celebrate Christmas. We found out that they eat fruit cake and stolen, they have a person called Krampus who steals children who misbehave.
  • We started to do some Christmas/winter crafts.
  • In Topic we did our debate, and the MSPs are going to get to share something good that they want to put into place.
  • We watched the pantomime!! Instead of shouting out we wrote the replies on paper and waved them about when we wanted to say BOOOO or It’s behind you.

What we enjoyed

  • Christmas Jumper Day
  • Making the Christmas/winter crafts
  • Watching the P1 Nativity
  • Listening to some Christmas songs.

Next steps/home learning

  • Practice drawing triangles using a protractor to measure the angles.
  • Draw a triangle and measure the angles and lines accurately.
  • Practice spelling some Christmas words!

P7H – 4.12.20

In literacy we did literature circles, had a spelling rule that looked at when c sounds like s like in office any cycle. We wrote a story based on a picture of two people looking out a window. We had to use speech to create a vibe or a feeling in the story,

In maths we were learning about angles. We had a look at how to write and draw angles, measuring angles. We had to use a protractor. We learnt how to calculate the missing angle on a straight line and round a point.

We went for a walk round the school and saw the other classes artwork.

In German we looked at animals and tried naming them. Then we tried having a conversation asking your favourite animal.

In topic we are doing democracy. We created a campaign for the class MSPs. We made posters, flyers and rosettes for them. We also used the laptops to research information about democracy.

Home Learning

Practise drawing some angles and work them out with a protractor.

Find more spelling words that fit the rule and practise them

Practise German animals.


P7H – 27.11.20

By Rebecca M, Andrew, Gregor, Alfie, Fergus and Belle

In numeracy this week we converted between fractions, decimals and percentages. We learnt how to do it using a very useful PowerPoint and made posters to show our understanding. We also done a textbook page on volume which strengthened our knowledge about it. Some people who got further managed to learn about the volume of triangular prisms.

We also made board games using chalk and PE equipment to practice different maths skills like our times tables. We got to play each other’s games.

In literacy this week we did literacy circles and showed what task we did to our group. Some of the tasks like similes, metaphors and character maps.

We also did comprehension on road safety week 2020 and also done some spelling. The pattern was ‘el’ words with different endings (level becomes levelled, angel becomes angelic, model becomes modelling).

This week in topic we learnt about democracy. We made up a random character some of us were voter’s and some of us were a MSP. In writing we had to write a letter as a voter to the MSP but the MSPs had to write a manifesto to convince the rest of the class to vote for them.

We also looked at famous political parties like The Scottish Greens, SNP, Scottish Labour, Scottish Liberal-Democrats and the Scottish Conservatives. We looked at random voters and we decided who they would vote for. We then voted in our class to see who everyone would vote for. The winner was Alex (Liberal-Democrat).

This week in PE we were working on tactical games. We had to defend or attack in Matball and we had to work as a team.


P7H – 13.11.20

13.11.20 – Darcey, Sam, Gregor, Andrew, Eilidh G, Connie

As part of our new Health and Wellbeing topic, can pupils please bring in a picture of them as a baby with details of their birth weight, birth length and time of birth. We are going to use this for an activity in class. Each pupil has been given an envelope to put their picture in to bring to school. Thank you, Mrs Haynes

Looking fab for Children In Need


In literacy this week we wrote an imaginative story. We had another pairs character and setting that we had to write the story on. Next week we will get to read the story that people wrote using our characters and settings and give them feedback. We are excited to see what they wrote and if it is the same as what we imagined would happen.  

In spelling we revised our P7 spelling words and chose up to 10 that we have found tricky over the past few weeks. (Our P7 spelling words will be uploaded in a separate blog post)

We finished our class novel Kensuke’s Kingdom and answered some questions on it, we had to give reasons why Kensuke decided to stay on the island and his justifications. 

Numeracy/ Maths 

In maths this week we have been finding area of spaces in the playground so we can distribute it equally.  We also started to learn about volume. We used cubes to represent shapes which helped us a lot. We used meter sticks and trundle wheels to measure the playground- rulers would have taken hours. We done a Pudsey maths worksheet which tested our fraction abilities and our squaring and cubing. We have started to link fractions, decimals and percentages.  


Topic work, 

This week in topic we found out that we are doing democracy and it involves politics.   


In PE this week we played capture the flag with tactics we also did a tournament with the game. 


We had 2 assembly’s this week the first was all about the N S P C C and we also learnt their number 08001111. 

We had an assembly on Friday about why Pudsey was invented. 

Languages – German, 

On Tuesday we met our new German teacher over teams and we learnt a bit about her.  

Health & Wellbeing, 

We have started a new helth and wellbeing topic called living and growing. 

What we enjoyed 

We enjoyed playing with the trundle wheels and we rolled them across the playground. 

We enjoyed playing capture the flag in PE. 

We enjoyed learning about BBC children in need. 

Next steps/home learning 

Bring in a picture of you as a baby.  

You could go onto Transum to practice your maths skills or you could get an adult to give you some volume questions. 

You could do the natural disaster homework  

You could practice some of the spelling words you practiced.  

At home you could make your own maths game. 


P7H – 30.10.20

Reflective Friday – 30.10.20

Literacy – William, Belle, Ariana and Aysu

This week in literacy the spelling pattern was ‘ily’ for example gloomily, unnecessarily, momentarily and extraordinarily.

We also write a persuasive article about selling a spooky, mansion house. We had to give lots of details about the mansion, we had to use persuasive language to help us sell the spooky house.

Numeracy – Katie, Korey, Connie and Alfie

In Numeracy we looked at calculating the perimeter and area of shapes. We looked at finding the area of a right-angled triangle.

We learnt that to calculate area you have to times the measurement of the width by the length and to calculate perimeter you have to add the measurement of the sides. We also tried to solve word problems with area and perimeter.

IDL – Jessica, Iggy, Darcey and Tosia

In topic we researched about Hurricane Katrina and wrote a case study about it. The case study was on the social, economic and environmental impacts.

In PE we tested our speed by marking how far we could run in 10 seconds then we tried to beat ourselves.

Our highlight this week was taking a walk around the school to see everyone’s pumpkins.

Home Learning options – William, Belle, Darcey and Tosia

We could ask a parent to draw a 2D shape and then we need to work out the perimeter and area of the shape.

We could search up some words ending in ‘ily’ and ask someone to test us.

We could practice our times tables.



P7H – 16.10.20

P7H, well done for getting to the October holidays! You have all worked so hard, and have had one of the toughest first terms any P7 have had in many years. Everyone has done such a good job at adapting and following the new rules to keep each person in the school safe and you have all set an excellent example to younger classes to follow. We have lots of exciting things for next term so make sure you come back well rested and ready to learn! Enjoy your holidays – you have earned them! Mrs Haynes 🙂


This week we wrote an imaginative story as if we were an animal on Kensuke’s Island. We had to include similes and metaphors in it and make sure that we recorded our animals thought and feelings about Michael being on the island.

Our spelling sound was le and ly. Remember to look up some words in the dictionary to challenge yourself with spelling this week.

We also did a comprehension on Tsunamis. We had to make sure we wrote our answers in sentences.


This week we were focusing on dividing decimals! We divided by 10, 100 and 1000 as well as multiples of these numbers e.g. 400.

We found a cheat for dividing with decimals – if you divide by 10 then you just move the decimal forward one space.

The hot group did some decimal problem solving using calculators.


We made our natural artwork using leaves. Have a look at what we made in the pictures below.

We also had to try and escape the international space station! We had to use lots of problem solving skills as well as literacy, maths and general knowledge. https://eo-cdt.org/escape-room/

In natural disasters we started to learn about hurricanes. We discovered how they are formed and how they are measured.


P7H – 9.10.20

Reflective Friday – Katie, Korey,Aysu,Ariana, Fergus and Charlie    9/10/20 


This week in spelling we looked at the pattern ‘le’ at the end of words. Some examples of these words would be disentangled, tentacle, axle & wrinkle. We then each completed a spelling game to practice them.  

We looked characterisation on our class novel Kensukes Kingdon. We came up with 6 times in a chapter where we thought Michael or Kensuke were felling different emotions. We then wrote a sentence about why we thought they were felling that way. 

Numeracy/ Maths 

In maths this week we have been learning about using our times tables to help us with larger sums like 46 times 500. First we would do 46 times 5 and then we would move the number that we got up 2 place value, here is a prove it sheet made by Ariana and Aysu. 

For numeracy ninjas there was 2 new champions that got 30 on their score and the champions were Iggy and Belle (Darcey got 30 last week and this week.) 


This week we worked more on our volcano PowerPoints we also shared them with our table and discussed the pros and cons of our research. Instead of doing more natural disasters we looked into a painting called “the great wave of Kanagawa” first we sketched the outline of the painting secondly, we painted the background with different colours and contrasts thirdly, we painted the wave, the boats then mount fuji. We also did leaf art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy earlier in the week. It is making a pattern round a tree make each line different colours like red then orange then yellow. We didn’t manage to finish them as it was too windy and all the leaves blew away. We are planning to do it next week (if it is not windy). 

What we enjoyed 

We enjoyed doing ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’ artwork. 

 We liked doing the leaf artwork and it was very enjoyable and fun.  

We enjoyed RME and learning about the 5 main religions in the world. 

Next steps/home learning 

You could make some leaf artwork outside using the autumn colours. 

Try and work on your times tables if your struggling in maths, we are going to be using these lots over the next few months!!! 

You could practise your spelling, look up words in the dictionary to challenge yourself. 


Reflective Friday – 2.10.20 

Literacy Alfie and Rebecca 

This week we have done a discursive essay on whether Daleks should stay in Buckstone or not. We used our signpost words for help, this taken 3-4 days to plan and write.  

For spelling we used the pattern au and aw e.g. launch, crawled, automatic and exhausted etc. Once we wrote our spelling words we needed to check if they were right and the ones, we got wrong we played a game with. 

In Kensuke’s kingdom this week we read some of chapter 6. So far in chapter six we have read that Michael has seen two boats and tried to get their attention, but he did manage to do it so decided that he will make a big beacon behind some rocks so that Kensuke wouldn’t see it. After that there was a storm that lasted a few days but luckily when it ended Michaels beacon was still intact.  

Numeracy/ Maths – Gregor and Lauren 

This week in maths we have done column subtraction and multiplication. We are starting to use Decimals in are column maths and are getting better at it.  

It is maths week Scotland this week. We have looked at different jobs that require mathematics and algebra. It is exciting to look at all the jobs that require these 

We have looked at rounding numbers and estimating answers with those rounding numbers. This can be tricky at times due to what kind of number your rounding it to. We also used decimals with this as well.  

IDL/other Roni and Emily 

This week we have learned how to make a successful volcanic eruption using ingredients such as: bicarbonate of soda, dish soap, vinegar and red food colouring. 

In PE this week we played capture the flag which is a tactical game that includes teamwork and strategies.  

In ICT this week we researched famous volcanos such as Krakatoa, mount fuji and other volcanoes. 

What we enjoyed 

We enjoyed erupting our volcanoes. 

We enjoyed playing capture the flag in PE 

We also enjoyed erupting the volcanoes. The ingredients were: Bicarbonate of soda, fairy liquid, food colouring and vinegar. It was cool! 

Next steps/home learning 

  • Practise your times tables to help us with our multiplying decimals.  
  • Make a power point on some facts you know about some things you learnt this week. 


P7H – 25.9.20

Reflective Friday –25.9.20 WilliamRebecca M, Alfie, Roni, Emily and Iggy P7H 


In spelling we did our P7 words after that we tried to find words that had they same spelling pattern like ou and ow 

We read ch5 of our class novel Kensuke’s kingdom and tried to find the different emotions and interfering Michael felt 

We were planning for our discursive essay on daleks staying in Buckstone or not to stay. We looked at ‘signpost words’ and what makes a good essay.  

Numeracy/ Maths-Iggy Emily  In maths this week we have been doing chimney sums with decimal points including adding and taking away. On Tuesday and Friday, we did numeracy ninjas most of us got blue belt or red belt. On Friday we did a morning challenge called count down, to play you must follow these rules, you get six numbers, with the six numbers you have to  make one big number.` 

IDL/other Alfie and Roni 

  • In topic this week we made volcanos out of newspaper and paper cuts/rolls. After we sculpted our volcanoes, we used a mixture of hot water and PVA glue to smooth it out. We also researched about Composite, shield and cinder cone volcanoes along with Pyroclastic flows.
  • We tried to figure out what type of trees are by using a guide in the P7 area.
  • In PE this week we played a new tactical game called Capture the flag. We got split into two teams and the goal was to bring the other team’s flag back to your side to win.

What we enjoyed 

  • We enjoyed making the volcanoes 
  •  We enjoyed planning for the discuses easy  
  •   We enjoyed numeracy ninjas 

Next steps/home learning 

You could practice your times tables 

You could practice some words you find hard                 

You could practice your decimal column sums