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P7C Blog

This week we have been learning about the Blitz and finished making gas masks for our WWII topic. We have included a photo of the masks with some of our reflections from this week.

Have a great weekend and hope to see you at the Winter Fair tomorrow!

P7 – The Blitz

Here are some useful websites for research on The Blitz this afternoon. Remember to look at The Blitz from a Scottish perspective too.



P7H- 24.1.19

Hello and a belated Happy New Year!

Sorry for the lack of a post last week, our time at the high school on the Thursday to see the science show made our week super busy. We are trialling a new format for the blog for a few weeks where the pupils write their reflections on paper and pictures are put up.

In Maths we have been working on problem solving strategies, the past two weeks have been guess and check and draw a diagram. Here are some sheets with examples of questions for you to complete at home if you wish.

Here is a YouTube video we used to learn about long multiplication

I’m PEnwe have had a great time doing gymnastics, here are some of the balances we have been working on

P7C Blog


We have been doing problem solving and learnt how to do use the guess and check strategy with Mrs. Walker. We also learned about finding percentages of an amount and working out discounts.


In literacy we did a reading comprehension exercise about New Tear around the world. We also got our new literacy circle books to start our tasks next week. We looked at how to structure a report by looking at a report about WWI


We really enjoyed our trip to Boroughmuir High School we were had a good time on the busses both ways and we learned a lot about chemical reactions, gasses and saw some explosions! We learnt that when you burn powdered metal it can change the colour of the fire.  The colour of the fire changes depending on what element the powdered metal is made of.

Have a great weekend 🙂 



P7 Make £5 grow enterprise – grand total

On Tuesday the 10th of December we held our enterprise selling day.

Since the October holidays we have been working hard in our enterprise teams. We had to decide what we wanted to make and sell and cost it out to see if we could afford to make it within our £5 per person budget. Then we had to carry out some market research to see if people would buy our product and then put together a presentation with out market research and costings to show that we were ready to have out £5 given to us to go home and spend.

Amazingly, Mrs Imrie, Ms Lyon and Mr Chalmers we all got given out £5 and each group went off to go and start buying and making their products ready to sell on the 10th. In class we did lots of work on marketing and displaying our products so people would want to buy them.

On the 10th we finally got to sell our products! It was great fun selling and we were amazed at how much money we made at each stall.

Our grand total was £1217.55 so taking away our costs of £300 our total profit of £917.55!

P7T Enterprise

Squishy squad! 

Eat sleep squish repeat 

 On the 10th of December we are selling de-stress balls in the top area. All the de-stress balls are 50p or a pound so no need to bring in a five pound note. There will be a DIY stall for people to draw their own faces on the squishies. There are the colours pink, gold, blue, yellow, purple, green and orange to choose from. Our squishies are made by filling a balloon with flour or rice. We also recommend not to squish them too hard otherwise they may burst, however, none of ours have burst yet. All the money will be going to our class charity and a P7 trip.  

From Maya, Ella, Carla, Holly and Eve A.K.A. squishie squad 



All of your favourite footy challenges in one place 

 At Buckstone primary school on the 10th of December 2019 . 

Come for a raffle, keepy uppies challenge and a beat the keeper against Buckstone’s best keeper and nothing over a pound. 

Winner of the raffle wins a  mitre imperil plus ball!