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Times tables

Primary 5 are learning about multiplication and division this term.

For homework, can pupils please complete some of the following games to help them learn their times tables and division facts. If you play any and find it really useful, make sure you add it to our homework highlights jotter in class!


Below are some interactive games to help learn times tables;


This website has some other great games to play!



Have fun!!

P5H – 11//1/19

Here is what we have been up to in P5H this week!

Blog 11.1

Here is a video explaining how we do column addition. Remember, the naughty number goes into the dungeon!

We have also done some wonderful calendars using perspective and shading. Here are a few for you to look at.

P5H Mandarin

P5 learnt a Christmas song in mandarin this week, enjoy watching it below.

We also learnt how to make origami Christmas trees, it was incredibly hard to do! Here is a link to a YouTube video below.

P3T WB 19/11/18

This week we have continued to learn the time and some of us are looking at digital and analogue clocks using 5 minute intervals.

We have been asked to do a top secret project related to Christmas. We are all very excited and hope to show you by the end of term.


P3T Week Beginning 12/11/18

This week we have been practising telling the time using o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past. We have been looking at what quarters mean, and we’re getting there!  Some of us have been looking only at analogue clocks whilst others have been looking at digital times. At home, you can help by pointing out what times of day certain things happen and how to recognise this on the clock.

Some links to help   We have used these in class this week. has new spelling lists for our new words for this week and next week.

We were very excited to have Louise and Liam from the ambulance service visit us and show us around in their ambulance and answer our questions.




We have been so busy getting ready for our awsome assembly next Friday we have done a whole-class blog post this week;

We have spent lots of time preparing for our assembly. Our assembly is going to be on The Rainforest and Broomlee! We have been busy learning our parts, can you please help us practise at home making sure that our voice is loud, clear, confident and not too fast. Some of us have got outfits to prepare, can these please be taken in on Monday so we have them for our rehearsals.

** It is a dress down day on Friday, please come in your SCHOOL UNIFORM (or outfit for the assembly) and take your dress down in your bag.**

Can you please help us learn this song for our assembly


We have been learning about metaphors and using them to create a character description. We drew our own character and had to describe them using similes and metaphors and next week we are going to try and match up each other’s’ characters with their descriptions. Here are some examples;

We started to learn about money. Can you please show us how you might buy things online, your debit and credit cards, let us pay for some things in shops, how to get cash out of an ATM and explain what bills you pay by direct debits because we have been learning all about these things in class.


We made firework posters with onomatopoeias, an onomatopoeia is when a word sounds like the noise it’s describing.

We have started using chimney sums in maths, ask us how to do a chimney sum and we will explain how to do one.

We made our own poppies to help us remember those who fought in all the wars.

P3T Term 2 Week 2

This week we have been busy learning about the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. We made a display with all our work . We learned what the setting was and words to describe it. We started looking at time connectives to link parts of the story.

We learned about Fireworks night and how to stay safe. We even made our own rockets and wax resist pictures of a firework sky.

In Maths we made place value monsters!

In spelling we have now got all groups on

The children would benefit from practising their words at home and typing in the URL.

Click on search

Click on school

Type in Buckstone and click on the buckstone link

A Taylor

Then you will be able to find your spelling group list.




Here is what we have been up to in P5H this week;

Class blog 2.11.18 It was written by the Toucans!

Here is our spelling for the week SPELLING P5 WEEK 7

We have been learning about food webs. Here is a great video explaining them. We watched part of the video in class.


We are going to be very busy over the next two week starting our class assembly. Can you please keep an eye out for any lines that come home and help read over them in loud, clear voices (we have a whole hall to fill!).