P7H – 16.10.20

P7H, well done for getting to the October holidays! You have all worked so hard, and have had one of the toughest first terms any P7 have had in many years. Everyone has done such a good job at adapting and following the new rules to keep each person in the school safe and you have all set an excellent example to younger classes to follow. We have lots of exciting things for next term so make sure you come back well rested and ready to learn! Enjoy your holidays – you have earned them! Mrs Haynes 🙂


This week we wrote an imaginative story as if we were an animal on Kensuke’s Island. We had to include similes and metaphors in it and make sure that we recorded our animals thought and feelings about Michael being on the island.

Our spelling sound was le and ly. Remember to look up some words in the dictionary to challenge yourself with spelling this week.

We also did a comprehension on Tsunamis. We had to make sure we wrote our answers in sentences.


This week we were focusing on dividing decimals! We divided by 10, 100 and 1000 as well as multiples of these numbers e.g. 400.

We found a cheat for dividing with decimals – if you divide by 10 then you just move the decimal forward one space.

The hot group did some decimal problem solving using calculators.


We made our natural artwork using leaves. Have a look at what we made in the pictures below.

We also had to try and escape the international space station! We had to use lots of problem solving skills as well as literacy, maths and general knowledge. https://eo-cdt.org/escape-room/

In natural disasters we started to learn about hurricanes. We discovered how they are formed and how they are measured.