P7H – 9.10.20

Reflective Friday – Katie, Korey,Aysu,Ariana, Fergus and Charlie    9/10/20 


This week in spelling we looked at the pattern ‘le’ at the end of words. Some examples of these words would be disentangled, tentacle, axle & wrinkle. We then each completed a spelling game to practice them.  

We looked characterisation on our class novel Kensukes Kingdon. We came up with 6 times in a chapter where we thought Michael or Kensuke were felling different emotions. We then wrote a sentence about why we thought they were felling that way. 

Numeracy/ Maths 

In maths this week we have been learning about using our times tables to help us with larger sums like 46 times 500. First we would do 46 times 5 and then we would move the number that we got up 2 place value, here is a prove it sheet made by Ariana and Aysu. 

For numeracy ninjas there was 2 new champions that got 30 on their score and the champions were Iggy and Belle (Darcey got 30 last week and this week.) 


This week we worked more on our volcano PowerPoints we also shared them with our table and discussed the pros and cons of our research. Instead of doing more natural disasters we looked into a painting called “the great wave of Kanagawa” first we sketched the outline of the painting secondly, we painted the background with different colours and contrasts thirdly, we painted the wave, the boats then mount fuji. We also did leaf art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy earlier in the week. It is making a pattern round a tree make each line different colours like red then orange then yellow. We didn’t manage to finish them as it was too windy and all the leaves blew away. We are planning to do it next week (if it is not windy). 

What we enjoyed 

We enjoyed doing ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’ artwork. 

 We liked doing the leaf artwork and it was very enjoyable and fun.  

We enjoyed RME and learning about the 5 main religions in the world. 

Next steps/home learning 

You could make some leaf artwork outside using the autumn colours. 

Try and work on your times tables if your struggling in maths, we are going to be using these lots over the next few months!!! 

You could practise your spelling, look up words in the dictionary to challenge yourself.