P2W Wonderful Wolves 09.10.2020

Hello Wonderful Wolves and Happy Friday! 😊

It’s been another busy week in P2. Thank you to everyone for joining me at parent’s evening this week.

  In literacy we have covered:

  • Writing super sentences, using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces
  • Independent writing: ‘Super Me’.
  • Writing Challenge Star Step: use a WOW word (adjective)
  • Reading sentences independently and drawing pictures to match
  • Single sounds of the alphabet
  • Sounding out/blending/spelling CVC words
  •  Digraphs (oo and ew)
  •  Example oo words – food, hook, book, cool
  •   Example ew words – new, dew, chew, few
  •  Tricky Words (Block 1 – 8 PowerPoints are attached to this post, if you would like to practise at home)
  •  Letter Formation
  • Word searches and Boggle (word building)
  •  Reading Groups – in class
  •   Reading sent home


  •  Reading groups
  • Reading out loud to the teacher
  •  Designing a new front cover
  • Identifying the setting of a story
  • Predicating and recalling information

A reminder that reading groups have been set up and are based on in-class assessments – these groups are fluid. Please don’t be alarmed or worried if your child moves groups – changes are only made in order to support your child’s individual development and engagement

Here is a link the PowerPoints of our Block 1 -8  tricky words:

Tricky Word Block 1 PP

Tricky Word Block 2 PP

Tricky Word Block 3 PP

Tricky Word Block 4 PP

Tricky Word Block 5 PP

Tricky Word Block 6 PP

Tricky Word Block 7 PP

Tricky Word Block 8 PP

In Numeracy we have covered:

  •  Numbers bonds to 10, 20 and 100
  • Exploring hundreds, tens and units
  • Partitioning Numbers
  • Addition to 10, 20, 50 and beyond
  • Addition with missing numbers (eg 3 + ? = 8)
  • Identifying 2D shapes and their properties
  • Creating 2D shape posters
  • Doubles
  • Chilli Challenge addition


Our P.E days are a Monday and Wednesday.

This week for P.E we focused on:

  • Fitness – circuits/ exercise video in class
  • Cosmic Yoga
  • What skills we are developing during P.E

Morning Starters:

  •  Monday – Weekend Whiteboard
  • Tuesday – 2D Shape/Fine Motor Control Activity
  • Wednesday – Literacy Activity
  • Thursday – Numeracy Activity
  • Friday – Handwriting Activity/Fine Motor Control

Learn Through Play Activities:

  • Role Play – Home Corner
  • Marble Run
  • Block Play
  • Construction
  • Arts and Crafts table
  •  iPads (literacy and numeracy)
  • 2D shape games/mindfulness colouring
  • Funky Fingers (fine motor control)

I hope you have a lovely, fun weekend!

Mrs Williamson x 😊