P2M Magic Monkeys 09.10.2020

Hello Magic Monkeys and Happy Friday!

In literacy we have covered:

  • Single sounds of the alphabet
  • Sounding out/blending/spelling words (CVC, CVCC, CCVC)
  • Writing: ‘My Feelings’
  • Writing Star Steps: use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops
  • Sounding out and spelling oa and ow words
  • Digraphs (oa and ow)
  • oa words – boat, coat, soap, float
  • ow words – row, bow, crow, window
  • Dictation
  • Tricky words (block 1 – 5)
  • Letter formation – cursive and non-cursive
  • Reading Groups
  • Reading sent home

In Numeracy we have covered:

  • Addition to 10, 20 and beyond
  • Introduction to time
  • o’clock and half past
  • Quarter past and quarter to
  • Counting in 5s
  • Time Bingo
  • Number Bingo
  • Number formation


  • Reading groups
  • Reading out loud to the teacher
  • reading to our ‘Learning Partner’
  • Recalling information


  • Fitness – exercise video in class
  • What skills are we developing during P.E discussions

Morning Starters:

  • Monday – weekend whiteboard
  • Tuesday – music
  • Wednesday – word building
  • Thursday – cursive letters
  • Friday – partner game

Learn Through Play Activities:

  • Marble Run
  • Block Play
  • Lego/construction
  • Role Play
  • Arts and Crafts table
  • iPads (literacy and numeracy)
  • smartboard games 
  • Bingo – led by the children
  • Listening and talking activities


  • Greetings
  • Numbers/counting
  • Colours  

Something I have enjoyed learning this week:

I enjoyed writing about our feelings – Lily

I enjoyed handwriting – Mahdis

I enjoyed Tens and Units and reading groups – Louise

I enjoyed doing Maths – Scarlett

I’ve enjoyed doing the sound oa/ow – Eesha

I enjoyed doing digital clocks and analogue clocks – Eliza

I like P.E – Jack

I enjoyed reading – Megan

I like doing adding, reading and tens and units – Roman

Extra Information 

  • If anyone has any unused/unloved Lego at home we would love to have it in class to add to our Learning Through Play activities – please don’t buy any new Lego!

Have a lovely weekend – have fun and stay safe!

Miss McGhee