P7H – 30.10.20

Reflective Friday – 30.10.20

Literacy – William, Belle, Ariana and Aysu

This week in literacy the spelling pattern was ‘ily’ for example gloomily, unnecessarily, momentarily and extraordinarily.

We also write a persuasive article about selling a spooky, mansion house. We had to give lots of details about the mansion, we had to use persuasive language to help us sell the spooky house.

Numeracy – Katie, Korey, Connie and Alfie

In Numeracy we looked at calculating the perimeter and area of shapes. We looked at finding the area of a right-angled triangle.

We learnt that to calculate area you have to times the measurement of the width by the length and to calculate perimeter you have to add the measurement of the sides. We also tried to solve word problems with area and perimeter.

IDL – Jessica, Iggy, Darcey and Tosia

In topic we researched about Hurricane Katrina and wrote a case study about it. The case study was on the social, economic and environmental impacts.

In PE we tested our speed by marking how far we could run in 10 seconds then we tried to beat ourselves.

Our highlight this week was taking a walk around the school to see everyone’s pumpkins.

Home Learning options – William, Belle, Darcey and Tosia

We could ask a parent to draw a 2D shape and then we need to work out the perimeter and area of the shape.

We could search up some words ending in ‘ily’ and ask someone to test us.

We could practice our times tables.