Reflective Friday – 2.10.20 

Literacy Alfie and Rebecca 

This week we have done a discursive essay on whether Daleks should stay in Buckstone or not. We used our signpost words for help, this taken 3-4 days to plan and write.  

For spelling we used the pattern au and aw e.g. launch, crawled, automatic and exhausted etc. Once we wrote our spelling words we needed to check if they were right and the ones, we got wrong we played a game with. 

In Kensuke’s kingdom this week we read some of chapter 6. So far in chapter six we have read that Michael has seen two boats and tried to get their attention, but he did manage to do it so decided that he will make a big beacon behind some rocks so that Kensuke wouldn’t see it. After that there was a storm that lasted a few days but luckily when it ended Michaels beacon was still intact.  

Numeracy/ Maths – Gregor and Lauren 

This week in maths we have done column subtraction and multiplication. We are starting to use Decimals in are column maths and are getting better at it.  

It is maths week Scotland this week. We have looked at different jobs that require mathematics and algebra. It is exciting to look at all the jobs that require these 

We have looked at rounding numbers and estimating answers with those rounding numbers. This can be tricky at times due to what kind of number your rounding it to. We also used decimals with this as well.  

IDL/other Roni and Emily 

This week we have learned how to make a successful volcanic eruption using ingredients such as: bicarbonate of soda, dish soap, vinegar and red food colouring. 

In PE this week we played capture the flag which is a tactical game that includes teamwork and strategies.  

In ICT this week we researched famous volcanos such as Krakatoa, mount fuji and other volcanoes. 

What we enjoyed 

We enjoyed erupting our volcanoes. 

We enjoyed playing capture the flag in PE 

We also enjoyed erupting the volcanoes. The ingredients were: Bicarbonate of soda, fairy liquid, food colouring and vinegar. It was cool! 

Next steps/home learning 

  • Practise your times tables to help us with our multiplying decimals.  
  • Make a power point on some facts you know about some things you learnt this week.